The War On Creation – Part III


THE doctor said without hesitation, “We need to either burn or cut out your thyroid to make it more manageable. You will need to stay on medication for the rest of your life.” My wife Lea looked at him like he was crazy and said, “I can’t get rid of a part of my body because it’s not working for you. Why don’t we find the root cause of why my body is attacking itself instead?” The doctor returned her gaze as if she was crazy. He bluntly replied, “You go that route and you’re going to leave your children orphaned.”

But I knew my wife: she would be determined to find the problem and help her body restore itself.

Then her mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. All that standard medicine offered was chemotherapy and radiation. Through her studies for herself and her mom, Lea discovered an entire world of natural cures and dramatic testimonies. But what she also found was a powerful and pervasive system intent on suppressing these natural remedies at every turn. From authoritarian regulations to fake industry-funded studies, she learned quickly that the “healthcare” system often cares more for the profits of Big Pharma than for our well-being and recovery.

That’s not to say that there aren’t good people in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. But as you read in Part II, something has gone wrong, terribly wrong, in our approach to health and healing. God used my wife’s illness and the tragedy of my mother-in-law’s early death to open our eyes to the gifts He has given us in creation to nurture and heal our bodies, particularly through the power of essential oils — the essence of plantlife.


The Essence

As stated at Catholic Answers as heard on EWTN Radio,

Essential oils come from plants. These plants contain aromatic oils that—when properly extracted through distillation (steam or water) or cold pressing—contain the “essence” of the plants, which have been used for centuries for a variety of purposes (e.g., anointing oil and incense, medicinal, antiseptic)

Ancient distillery at Masada on the west bank of the Dead Sea

In ancient times, harvesters put leaves, flowers, or resin into stone distillation vats built into the ground and filled with water. The extreme heat of the day in Middle Eastern regions would cause a natural distillation and the “essence” or oil of the organic matter to rise to the surface. It seems the knowledge and “art” of these processes have always been at the heart of a battle between good and evil, of a war on creation:

Throughout the ages there have been those who would delve into this universal knowledge, just scratching the surface, only to see it disappear into history to be squashed by those who would restrict this knowledge for profit and power. —Mary Young, D. Gary Young, The World Leader in Essential Oils, vii


Called Out of Darkness

In 1973, Gary Young was working in British Columbia, Canada when he suffered a severe logging accident. A tree sheared off and struck him full force. He suffered a head injury, ruptured spinal cord, crushed vertebrae and 19 other broken bones.

When Gary was still in a coma in the hospital, his father was in the hallway where he was told that his son was expected to die within the hour. He asked for a few minutes alone. His father prayed and asked that, if God would give Gary back his legs and let him live, they, the family, would spend the rest of their lives serving God’s children.

Gary eventually awoke. In severe pain and crippling paralysis, he was confined to a wheelchair. Suddenly, a man who loved the wilderness, the farm, riding horses, and working with his hands was a prisoner in his own body. Filled with despair, Gary attempted twice to commit suicide but failed. He thought that God must really hate him “because He wouldn’t even let me die.”

In a third attempt to end his life, Gary tried to “fast” himself to death. But after 253 days of only drinking water and lemon juice, the most unexpected happened — he felt movement in his right toe. Doctors surmised that, because of the fasting, scar tissue couldn’t form thus enabling nerve endings to reroute and reconnect. With this glimmer of hope, Gary was determined to recover his full health. He stopped all medications to clear his mind and began to explore the world of herbs and healing through any book he could get his hands on. 

He eventually applied for a job to drive a forestry semi-truck (see photo above), telling the owner that if he equipped the truck with hand controls, he could make it work. But the owner, with a dubious look, pointed to a Mack truck and said that he could have the job if he could drive it over to a trailer, hook it up, and drive it back to the office.

Gary wheeled himself through the gravel and pulled himself into the cab, along with his wheelchair. Over the course of an hour, he manoeuvred the truck, climbing in and out with his chair, hooking up the trailer until he finally drove to the owner’s office and wheeled himself in. The owner, with tears in his eyes, gave him the job.

As Gary’s body began to recover through natural remedies, his desire to help others became his driving force.


Taking Back God’s Creation

Henri Viaud, 1991

After a friend invited him to attend a conference in Geneva, Switzerland where doctors were presenting their research on essential oils and their effects on respiratory illness, he set out on a path that has led to thousands of discoveries about essential oils and their immense possibilities. He travelled the world to not only learn the ancient art of distillation, but to discover the best sources for plants, herbs, and trees. 

With nothing but a backpack and sleeping bag, Gary left for France to learn from their experts on essential oils, including Henri Viaud “the father of distillation” and Marcel Espieu, the president of the Lavender Growers Association. Studying under their care, Gary learned all aspects of making essential oils — from tending the soil, to proper planting, to when the hour is right to harvest, and, finally, the art of extracting the oils. He would later coin his practice of planting, growing, harvesting and distilling as a “seed to seal” approach that respected and fully cooperated with God’s creation in all aspects: he used only land that was untouched by herbicides; he refused to use chemicals or pesticides; weeds were hand-picked or grazed by sheep. With his knowledge, he began his company Young Living with the goal that “every home” would eventually have his essential oils in them to experience the benefits creation offered.

D. Gary Young

When Espieu finally visited one of Gary’s lavender farms in 2002, he opened the door before the car stopped, briskly walked through the lavender field, touching and smelling the plants as he made his way to the distillery. Standing before a group of students gathered there, Espieu declared, “The student has now become the teacher.” And teach Gary did, gathering visitors around his distilleries, explaining the science, getting them into the fields planting and weeding and experiencing the beauty of dancing with God in creation.

It was actually much later that Gary was told about his father’s prayer while he was in a coma. “Gary,” his wife Mary told me, “said that he would honor his father’s request and would serve God’s children the rest of his life, and that is what he did.” Gary passed away in 2018.



A Healing Road…

Lea planting lavender in St. Marie’s, Idaho

In time, Gary’s knowledge would eventually reach my wife.

In her intense research to find a way to help her mom (and eventually herself), my wife Lea felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to study Young Living oils and the work of Gary Young, who became the pioneer of modern distillation methods and scientific research into oils. It would seem that his work is “just in time” for the coming Era of Peace (see Part I).

One of the side effects of Lea’s auto-immune thyroid disease had been protruding (bulgy) eyes, which was very troublesome for her. The doctors informed us it was permanent and couldn’t be reversed. But as Lea began to faithfully use Young’s essential oils and oil-infused supplements that supported those systems in her body that were struggling, her eyes, amazingly, went back to normal. Within the year, her “incurable” thyroid imbalance went into remission — something the doctors said was not possible. That was over 11 years ago and she’s never looked back (watch Lea give her testimony on her YouTube channel here).

But like any of God’s miracles, there are also counterfeits. With little to no regulation in the industry, oil bottlers will usually label their bottles “100% essential oil” or “pure” or “therapeutic” when in reality only 5% of the bottle contains actual essential oil — the rest being filler. Moreover, many growers commonly employ the use of herbicides and pesticides to cut costs, as well as the practice of fractionation which manipulates the oil composition for a more “consistent” (and less earthy) smell, thereby decreasing efficacy. Others claiming “100% essential oils” purchase from bulk brokers who may only be selling a 3rd or 4th distillation of a plant, not the first and most potent crop. This may explain why some people call essential oils “nice smelling snake oil” when in fact there is some truth to that: these “cheap” oils are not the pure essence of God’s creation and may offer little to no benefits. Pay attention to that.

For my part, I remained somewhat skeptical about the whole thing. As far as I was concerned, essential oils were a “girl thing” — pleasant aromatherapy, at best. But Lea would share with me from day to day how, for example, frankincense is scientifically proven to be anti-inflammatory and anti-tumoral, or that lavender can regenerate tissue, peppermint can soothe the stomach, clove is analgesic, sandalwood is antibacterial and skin-supportive, lemon is detoxifying, orange can fight cancer, and on and on. To which I would reply, “Where did you read that?” I drove her crazy. But then she’d show me the studies and the science, at which the journalist in me was satisfied.

More, I was intrigued. A few years after Lea’s amazing recovery, I sat down to watch a video of Gary giving a lecture to a few hundred people. In between his analyses of the science, I was surprised and delighted how freely he spoke of God, and whenever he did, Gary would choke up (something I understand). It was clear that this man not only had an incredible passion for the discoveries he was making but that he had a deep connection with the Heavenly Father. As his wife Mary told me recently,

Gary always called God his Father and Jesus his brother. He often said he wanted to be with his Father or with his brother Jesus. When Gary prayed, you heard a man talk to God as someone he loved deeply to whom he was very close. Gary was not of this world all the time; there were many of us who saw him “leave” this earth awareness. He was somewhere else and we knew when he came back. It was a fascinating experience.

In Catholicism, we call this “mysticism” or “contemplation.”

But what really convinced me that Gary’s mission was divinely inspired was when he told the story of how years after his accident, he was nearly crippled again due to spurs having grown from his neck injuries that began to impact his spine…


A Prophetic Mission

The pain soon became unbearable and Gary, once again, became bedridden.

Yet, he was confident that God would give him an answer how to heal himself — something, he said, that He would teach him “for the betterment of mankind.”

X-ray after Gary Young’s logging accident

One night at 2:10 am, the Lord woke Gary and instructed him how to separate the hemoglobin from his blood in a centrifuge, infuse it with frankincense oil, and then inject it back into his neck through the scar tissue. Three doctors refused saying it would flat-out kill him. Another doctor finally agreed to do the injections but also warned how risky this was. 

Within the first 5-6 minutes of the procedure, Gary was pain-free. He then reached up to his wife, and for the first time in nearly four decades since the accident, was able to feel the fine hairs on her cheeks.

Two days later, he was on a plane to Japan to give another lecture.

In the weeks ahead, new X-rays revealed something that science said was not possible: the bone spurs in his neck not only dissolved, but the discs, vertebrae, and even ligaments were regenerated

Gary Young teaching visitors at his first farm & distillery in St. Marie’s, Idaho

As Gary told this story with tears in his eyes, the Holy Spirit rushed over me. I realized that what I was hearing was not just some new therapy, but a mission to bring creation back to its rightful place in God’s order. I was determined that day to help take back God’s creation from the hands of profiteers, charlatans, and the slanderous internet — the tactics of the enemy.

“It all comes from God,” said Gary said to his audience. “I ask for your understanding about my feelings for God… My Father is the most important thing in my life.”

Until his death, Gary continued to experiment with new applications for essential oils — discoveries his scientific team continues to bring to the public. One major discovery is how oils work synergistically. Mixing pharmaceutical drugs can be deadly, but Gary found that blending various oils can greatly enhance their effectiveness (for instance the “Good Samaritan” or “Thieves” blend). Another discovery is that infusing vitamins with essential oils greatly increases their bio-availability in the body.[1]see Supplements and End to: Flushed Supplements Cool, eh?


Entering the War

Since her own miraculous recovery, my wife has helped countless people including many of you, my readers, to rediscover God’s healing remedies in creation. We have had to endure many attacks and harsh judgment in regards to our discernment and motives. As I said in Part I, Satan hates God’s creation because “His invisible attributes of eternal power and divinity have been able to be understood and perceived in what He has made.”[2]Romans 1:20

Hence the War on Creation is also a personal one. Gary Young has been and continues to be slandered, even after his death five years ago. Lea often laments the “Gospel of Google” where propaganda and falsehoods abound, effectively scaring people away from God’s healing gifts in creation. One of the biggest lies comes from the Catholic media itself, particularly in the wake of some ecclesiastically approved messages from Our Lady to employ these oils for our health in these times.

Beware of So-Called ‘Church Approved’ Coronavirus Prevention
Claims of apparition endorsement aside,
such oils have been used for centuries in witchcraft for “protection.”
National Catholic Register, May 20, 2020
The article was as astonishing in its claim as it was for its ignorance of science. Over 17,000 documented medical studies on essential oils and their benefits can be found in the medical library PubMed.[3]Essential Oils, Ancient Medicine by Dr. Josh Axe, Jordan Rubin, and Ty Bolinger I responded to the charges in that article in The Real “Witchcraft”.
Another claim made by a prominent Catholic figure is that essential oils are “New Age” and that people in Young’s company actually make curses or incantations over vats of distilled oil. My wife has handled all these objections quite well on her website. However, we were determined to get to the bottom of these accusations.
Lea and I recently visited three of Young Living’s farms in the United States this fall with the intention of also checking out these widely publicized claims. We approached the chief operator and farm manager of the distillery in Idaho, Brett Packer, and told him point blank, “We are fighting rumors in the Catholic world that people are casting spells over these oils at distillation or while they are being shipped.” Brett looked at us like we were crazy and chuckled, but I insisted. “I know this sounds nuts, but believe me, influential Catholics are saying this and it’s causing all kinds of problems as we try to point people toward God’s remedies. They seriously believe that you guys are somehow employing witchcraft.”
Brett, who is himself a devout Christian as are most of the people in the company’s head office, looked at me straight in the eye and responded, “Well, our heart is that the oils will bless people… but no, there is no one making incantations over the oils at any time.” I suddenly felt embarrassed that these ridiculous claims have been made by influential Catholics. We talked to another distillery operator there, and his response was the same. I also popped into the onsite laboratory — Young’s farms have the most advanced scientific laboratories in the world for testing oil quality. Notably missing were shamans and Wiccans dancing around vats of oil.

Discussing our concerns with Mary Young

Finally, Lea and I personally met Mary Young, Gary’s wife. Since then, we have communicated regularly. I told her the same thing we told Brett — the rumors and slander we are constantly fighting as we try to help others discover God’s remarkable remedies. She looked me in the eyes with disbelief and said, “Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan, and how he used oils to heal the wounds of the man on the side of the road. Oils are mentioned throughout the Bible.” Like her late husband, Mary is unabashed when it comes to giving God glory for what they are discovering and bringing to the world.
Winning the War
Brothers and sisters, the real spiritual ill is a kind of superstition and fear among Christians and all people toward nature itself, particularly in the Western world. It’s the fruit of a century of what one might even call “brainwashing” — that unless it comes from a pharmacy, it must be doubted if not outright ridiculed. Is it not part of the pervasive religion of scientism in our culture that in the past three years has actually become unscientific?
Some might think that this series on the War on Creation is anti-medical establishment. On the contrary, modern medicine has produced many miracles — from mending broken bones, to corrective eye surgery, to emergency procedures that save lives. God has always intended that we respect the role of a doctor. But He also intends that the doctor respect creation’s role in healing:
He endows people with knowledge, to glory in His mighty works, through which the doctor eases pain, and the druggist prepares his medicines. Thus God’s work continues without cease in its efficacy on the surface of the earth. (Sirach 38:6-8)
My wife’s website is The Bloom Crew where she is doing a tremendous job at educating people on pure oils and how to take back God’s creation and, yes, take back their health. She did not ask me to write this — God did two years ago — and I have waited and discerned for the right moment. It came in the past couple of weeks as the Mass readings from Ezekiel rolled by:

Lea Mallett at the Utah Young Living farm

Their fruit is used for food, and their leaves for healing. (Ezekiel 47:12)

And then again, a word allegedly from Our Lord earlier this month:

Pray, My children; pray and believe in what My House has sent you for remaining healthy. —Our Lord to Luz de Maria, November 12, 2023

Why wouldn’t Heaven point us to God’s gifts in creation? Other mystics such as Marie-Julie Jahenny,[4]Marie-Julie St. André Bessette,[5]“It happens that visitors entrust their illness to the prayers of Brother André. Others invite him to their house. He prays with them, gives them a medal of Saint Joseph, suggests that they rub themselves with a few drops of olive oil which is burning in front of the statue of the saint, in the college chapel.” cf. Servant of God Maria Esperanza,[6] Agustín del Divino Corazon,[7]Message dictated by Saint Joseph to Brother Agustín del Divino Corazón on March 26, 2009 (with Imprimatur): “I will give you a gift tonight, beloved children of my Son Jesus: THE OIL OF SAN JOSE. Oil that will be a Divine help for this end of times; oil that will serve you for your physical health and your spiritual health; oil that will free you and protect you from the snares of the enemy. I am the terror of demons and, therefore, today I place my blessed oil in your hands.” (uncioncatolica-blogspot-com) St. Hildegard of Bingen,[8] etc. also gave heavenly remedies that included herbs or essential oils and blends.[9]In the case of Brother Agustín and St. André, the use of oils is in conjunction with faith as a kind of sacramental. As Lea said to me, “We cannot demonize creation, it’s the questionable practices some employ in the use of these oils that can leave them vulnerable.”
You shall know a tree by its fruit. We are hearing testimonies from both our readers and others on amazing healings and recovery through essential oils — stories, as I say, we often have to repeat in a whisper. On our farm, we have used these oils to help heal major injuries and detonate tumors on our horses, treat mastitis on our milk cow, and even bring our beloved dog back from the brink of death. We use them daily in cooking, in beverages, in cleaning, in supporting recovery from burns, colds, headaches, wounds, rashes, weariness and insomnia, just to name a few. God’s Word is true. He doesn’t lie:
The Lord created medicines from the earth, and a sensible man will not despise them. (Sirach 38:4 RSV)
In the end, pharmakeia — what St. Paul calls “sorcery”[10]Revelation 18:23 — is going to collapse. And rising from the ruins of Babylon will be the tree of life…
…that produces fruit twelve times a year, once each month; the leaves of the trees serve as medicine for the nations. (Rev 22:1-2)


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7 Message dictated by Saint Joseph to Brother Agustín del Divino Corazón on March 26, 2009 (with Imprimatur): “I will give you a gift tonight, beloved children of my Son Jesus: THE OIL OF SAN JOSE. Oil that will be a Divine help for this end of times; oil that will serve you for your physical health and your spiritual health; oil that will free you and protect you from the snares of the enemy. I am the terror of demons and, therefore, today I place my blessed oil in your hands.” (uncioncatolica-blogspot-com)
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