Don't Stop!



BEFORE Christmas Eve Mass, I slipped into the church to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. Suddenly, I was overcome with a terrible sorrow. I began to experience the rejection of Jesus upon the Cross: the rejection of the sheep whom He loved, led, and healed; the rejection of the high priests whom He taught, and even the Apostles whom He formed. Today, once again, Jesus is being rejected by the nations, betrayed by "high priests," and abandoned by many disciples who once loved Him and sought Him but who now compromise or reject their Catholic (Christian) faith.

Did you think that because Jesus is in Heaven that He no longer suffers? He does, because He loves. Because Love is being rejected all over again. Because He sees the terrible sorrows we are bringing upon ourselves since we do not embrace, or rather, let Love embrace us. Love is pierced once again, this time by the thorns of mockery, the nails of unbelief, and the lance of rejection.

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