Episode 4 – The Big Picture (Part II)

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IS there an "era of peace" coming?

In Episode 4 of Embracing Hope, a summary of my writings as to where we are and where we’re going in light of what the popes, the early Church Fathers, and Our Lady of Fatima have said. We are facing The Final Confrontation. How does it end? Watch Episode 4 now for a powerful and succinct message on the times we live in and the times that appear to be coming.

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It was confirmed last week that my family and ministry will be moving to another location in Canada.

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Knowing Christ

Veronica, by Michael D. O’Brien




WE often have it backwards. We want to know Christ’s victory, His consolations, the power of His Resurrection—before His Crucifixion. St. Paul said that he wants…

…to know him and the power of his resurrection and the sharing of his sufferings by being conformed to his death, if somehow I may attain the resurrection from the dead. (Phil 3:10-11)

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Episode 3 – The Big Picture

Embracing Hope, by Lea Mallett


WE are living in a time of grace and mercy, and a time of apostasy. How did we get here, and more importantly, where is the world going from here? Episode 3 sheds a powerful new light on Marian apparitions and the book of Revelation, and why we are facing a decisive confrontation between the powers of light and darkness, based on the words of the Holy Father and Sacred Scripture. Episode 4, next week, will continue to examine the "big picture," and why you need to prepare your heart for these times.

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Christ Driving the Money Changers out of the Temple c. 1618, a painting by Jean de Boulogne Valentin.

THERE seems to be ongoing confusion among some of my readers as to why the webcasts I am producing carry a price tag. I am going to address this one last time since I have received several letters, such as the one below:

Why isn’t it good enough to have a wonderful web site inspiring people, why does everything have to be about paying for admission? Seems to me that if it is good, the money to support your family will come. Charging admission for people to hear what is supposed to be inspired by God is a real turn off, especially to young people. I have six children and have struggled over the years with trust in finances. Your story seems to have been based on trust. Charging admission turns your ministry into countless others that devolve into materialistic enterprises. You need to support your family, but let the products music, books etc. be a link. Continue offering your message for free and if you need money to do your work, ask for it. In my opinion it is a turn off to HAVE to pay for His message. I have found your messages to be timely, and I appreciate your work.


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High Seas



O LORD, I want to sail in your presence… but when the seas become rough, when the Wind of the Holy Spirit begins to blow me into the tempest of a trial, I quickly lower the Sails of my faith, and protest! But when the waters are calm, I gladly hoist them. Now I see the problem more clearly—why I am not growing in holiness. Whether the sea is rough or whether it is calm, I am not moving forward in my spiritual life toward the Harbor of Holiness because I refuse to sail into trials; or when it is calm, I merely stand still. I see now that to become a Master Sailer (a saint), I must learn to sail the high seas of suffering, to navigate the storms, and patiently let your Spirit direct my life in all matters and circumstances, whether they are pleasant to me or not, because they are ordered toward my sanctification.


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Episode 2 – Apostasy!

Embracing Hope, by Lea Mallett


PRIOR to Christ’s return, St. Paul teaches that there will be a great rebellion, an apostasy—a falling away from the faith. Is it here?

In Episode 2 on Embracing Hope TV, some of the most prominent voices of the past century are highlighted who make the case that something profoundly disturbing has happened in the Church. The argument is indisputable; the antidote is clear. At the end of the show is a rarely mentioned, but consoling promise of Jesus made in the Scriptures.

To watch Episode 2, go to https://www.markmallett.com/embracinghopetv/archives/166.

This is a powerful program every Christian should see. Help us spread the word. Help spread hope in these troubling times!



I have been following this apostolate for a long while; it has been my major source of staying in tune with what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church, and the messages given have always been confirmed in myriads of ways. —Shirely, USA

Wow!  PRAISE BE TO GOD!!! This is better than I imagined… You have encouraged me more than you know. —Kathy, USA

Powerful! —Carmen, Canada

The show is beautiful, thanks so much.  —Patricia, USA

Growth Pains


LAUNCHING a weekly webcast is like making your first paper airplane. You go through quite a few sheets before you’re airworthy. 

Not surprising, we have had to crumple up a few attempts, as we are figuring out how best to make the wings as aerodynamic and flightworthy as possible. As a result, things are simply taking more time than we anticipated. Thus, Episode 2 of Embracing Hope TV is going to be delayed by a few days. Please accept my apologies!


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