On Gay Marriage





WHY? Why would the Catholic Church be against love?

That is the question many people ask when it comes to the Church’s prohibition against gay marriage. Two people want to get married because they love each other. Why not?

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The Spirit of Truth

Vatican Pope DovesDove released by Pope Francis attacked by a crow, January 27th, 2014; AP Photo


ALL over the world, hundreds of millions of Catholics gathered this past Pentecost Sunday and heard the Gospel proclaimed:

…when he comes, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth. (John 16:13)

Jesus did not say “Spirit of joy” or “Spirit of peace”; He did not promise the “Spirit of love” or “Spirit of power”—although the Holy Spirit is all those. Rather, Jesus used the title Spirit of Truth. Why? Because it is truth that sets us free; it is truth which, when embraced, lived out, and shared produces the fruit of joy, peace, and love. And truth carries a power all on its own.

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A Prayer for Courage

Come Holy Spirit by Lance Brown




THE recipe for fearlessness is a simple one: join hands with the Blessed Mother and pray and wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. It worked 2000 years ago; it has worked throughout the centuries, and it continues to work today because it is by God’s design that perfect love cast out all fear. What do I mean by this? God is love; Jesus is God; and He is perfect love. It is the work of the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother to form in us that Perfect Love once again.

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Belle, and Training for Courage



SHE’s my horse. She’s adorable. She tries so hard to please, to do the right thing… but Belle is scared of just about everything. Well, that makes two of us.

You see, almost thirty years ago, my only sister was killed in a car accident. From that day on, I began to be afraid of just about everything: afraid to lose those I love, afraid to fail, afraid that I wasn’t pleasing God, and the list goes on. Over the years, that underlying fear has continued to unfold in so many ways… afraid that I might lose my spouse, afraid my kids might be hurt, afraid that those close to me don’t love me, afraid of debt, afraid that I’m always making the wrong decisions… In my ministry, I’ve been afraid to lead others astray, afraid to fail the Lord, and yes, afraid too at times of the billowing black clouds quickly gathering over the world.

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The Paralyzed Soul


THERE are times when trials are so intense, temptations so fierce, emotions so embroiled, that recollection is very difficult. I want to pray, but my mind is spinning; I want to rest, but my body is reeling; I want to believe, but my soul is wrestling with a thousand doubts. Sometimes, these are moments of spiritual warfare—an attack by the enemy to discourage and drive the soul into sin and despair… but permitted nonetheless by God to allow the soul to see its weakness and constant need for Him, and thus draw nearer to the Source of its strength.

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Remain in Me

for Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter, May 8th, 2015

Liturgical texts here


IF you are not at peace, ask yourself three questions: Am I in the will of God? Am I trusting Him? Am I loving God and neighbour in this moment? Simply, am I being faithful, trusting, and loving? (see Building the House of Peace) Whenever you lose your peace, go through these questions like a checklist, and then realign one or more aspects of your mindset and behavior in that moment saying, “Ah, Lord, I am sorry, I have stopped abiding in you. Forgive me and help me to begin again.” In this way, you will steadily build a House of Peace, even in the midst of trials.

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Building the House of Peace

for Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter, May 5th, 2015

Liturgical texts here


ARE you at peace? Scripture tells us that our God is a God of peace. And yet St. Paul also taught that:

It is necessary for us to undergo many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God. (Today’s first reading)

If so, it would seem that the life of the Christian is destined to be anything but peaceful. But not only is peace possible, brothers and sisters, it is essential. If you cannot find peace in the present and coming Storm, then you will be carried away by it. Panic and fear will dominate rather than trust and charity. So then, how can we find true peace when a war is raging all about? Here are three simple steps to building a House of Peace.

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The Paris Miracle


I thought the traffic in Rome was wild. But I think Paris is crazier. We arrived in the center of the French capital with two full cars for a dinner with a member of the American Embassy. Parking spaces that night were as rare as snow in October, so myself and the other driver dropped off our human cargo, and began to drive around the block hoping for a space to open up. That’s when it happened. I lost site of the other car, took a wrong turn, and all of a sudden I was lost. Like an astronaut untethered in space, I began to be sucked away into the orbit of constant, unending, chaotic streams of Parisian traffic.

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A New Name…


IT’S hard to put into words, but it is the sense that this ministry is entering a new phase. I’m not sure I understand what it is even, but there is a deep sense that God is pruning and preparing something new, even if it is only interior.

As such, I feel compelled this week to make some minor changes here. I have given this blog, once called “Spiritual Food for Thought”, a new name, simply: The Now Word. This isn’t by any means a new title to readers here, as I have used it to refer to meditations on the Mass Readings. However, I feel it is an even more apt description of what I feel the Lord is doing… that the “now word” needs to be spoken—whatever the cost—with the time that is left.

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