Keeper of the Storm

for Tuesday, June 30th, 2015
Opt. Memorial of The First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church

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“Peace Be Still” by Arnold Friberg


LAST week, I took some time off to take my family camping, something we rarely get to do. I set aside the Pope’s new encyclical, grabbed a fishing rod, and pushed away from shore. As I floated on the lake in a small boat, the words swam through my mind:

Keeper of the Storm…

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The Hour of Lawlessness


A FEW days ago, an American wrote me in the wake of their Supreme Court’s decision to invent the right to same-sex “marriage”:

I have been weeping on and off a good part of this day… as I attempt to go to sleep I am wondering if you could help me understand just where we are in the timeline of events to come….

There are several thoughts on this that have come to me in the silence of this past week. And they are, in part, an answer to this question…

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Back To Eden?

  Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Thomas Cole, c.1827-1828.
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA


First published March 4th, 2009…


SINCE mankind was barred from the Garden of Eden, he has longed for both communion with God and harmony with nature—whether man knows it or not. Through His Son, God has promised both. But through a lie, so has the ancient serpent.

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The Testing

Gideon, sifting his men, by James Tissot (1806-1932)


As we prepare for the release of a new encyclical this week, my thoughts have been drifting back to the Synod and the series of writings I did then, particularly The Five Corrections and this one below. What I find most notable in this pontificate of Pope Francis, is how it is drawing, in one way or another, fears, loyalties, and the depth of one’s faith into the light. That is, we are in a time of testing, or as St. Paul says in today’s first reading, this is a time “to test the genuineness of your love.”

The following was published October 22nd, 2014 shortly after the Synod…



FEW fully grasp what took place over the past couple weeks through the Synod on Family Life in Rome. It was not just a gathering of bishops; not only a discussion on pastoral issues: it was a test. It was a sifting. It was the New Gideon, Our Blessed Mother, further defining her army…

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St. Raphael's Little Healing

for Friday, June 5th, 2015
Memorial of St. Boniface, Bishop and Martyr

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St. Raphael, “Medicine of God”


IT was late dusk, and a blood moon was rising. I was entranced by its deep color as I wandered through the horses. I had just layed out their hay and they were quietly munching. The full moon, the fresh snow, the peaceful murmur of satisfied animals … it was a tranquil moment.

Until what felt like a bolt of lightning shot through my knee.

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The Third Way

Loneliness by Hans Thoma (National Museum in Warsaw)


AS I sat down last night to finish writing Part II of this series on Human Sexuality and Freedom, the Holy Spirit put the brakes on. The grace was not there to continue. However, this morning as I resumed writing, an email came to me that put everything aside. It is a new documentary that summarizes the things I am writing you. While my series is not focused on homosexuality, but all forms of sexual expression, this short film is just too good not to share at this point.

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Will You Leave Them for Dead?

for Monday of the Ninth Week of Ordinary Time, June 1st, 2015
Memorial of St. Justin

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FEAR, brothers and sisters, is silencing the Church in many places and thus imprisoning truth. The cost of our trepidation can be counted in souls: men and women left to suffer and die in their sin. Do we even think in this way anymore, think of the spiritual health of one another? No, in many parishes we do not because we are more concerned with the status quo than quoting the state of our souls.

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