The Prophecy at Rome – Part VI


THERE is a powerful moment coming for the world, what saints and mystics have called an "illumination of conscience." Part VI of Embracing Hope shows how this "eye of the storm" is a moment of grace… and a coming moment of decision for the world.

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Many of you have been introduced to my ministry through my writings, where evidently, several of you have found "spiritual food" and many other graces. For this, I thank God continually that He has used these writings in spite of the writing instrument.

The same Lord who has inspired these writings also placed it on my heart to begin a webcast. It’s taken me a year to find my feet again in television, and now I see what the Lord is doing. There is a kind of "dance" beginning to occur now between my writings and the webcasts. Where as before I would say "If you miss the webcasts, don’t worry, I’ll write about it…", that’s no longer true. The webcast and writings are like the left and right hands of a body. You can get by with one or the other, but there’s so much more you can do with two. That’s one of the major reasons why I felt it absolutely necessary to make the webcasts freely available to the public. 

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The Prophecy at Rome – Part V


EVENTS in the world are unfolding before our eyes that appear to be a fulfillment of many prophecies—including the prophecy given in 1975 before Pope Paul VI.

In Part V of the Prophecy at Rome, Jesus allegedly says that He will lead us into the desert… a place of temptation,  testing, and purification. I explain when the Church entered into this trial and how it has brought her and the world to the Great Storm of our times unfolding before us.


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We Were Warned

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THE world and the Church have not arrived at this decisive moment in time without warning. In Episode 15 of Embracing Hope, Mark addresses a topic he has neither written or spoken of before… of a secret agenda to undermine the Church. But it wasn’t so secret, as several pontiffs over the past two centuries have been warning the faithful about it… but has anyone listened?

Watch Episode 15 to understand how a diabolical plan has been unfolding for centuries and is now ready to be fully implemented… but also how God is in complete control, and nothing comes about without His sovereign hand guiding it. Don’t miss this eye-opening webcast that will help prepare you for the Great Storm of our times.

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The Prophecy at Rome – Part IV


MARK explains the difficult words of Jesus in The Prophecy at Rome that speak of upheaval and purification coming to the world and the Church. Once again, the words of the Popes are clear, the warnings of our Mother unequivocal, and the Sacred Scriptures unmistakable.A Great Storm is coming, and Mark prepares the viewer for what appears inevitable.

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The Prophecy at Rome – Part II

Paul VI with Ralph

Ralph Martin meeting with Pope Paul VI, 1973

IT is a powerful prophecy, given in the presence of Pope Paul VI, that resonates with the "sense of the faithful" in our days. In Episode 11 of Embracing Hope, Mark begins to examine sentence by sentence the prophecy given in Rome in 1975. To view the latest webcast, visit

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The Prophecy at Rome – Part I


AS serious disasters in nature continue to seige the world, the prophecy given in Rome in 1975 in the presence of Pope Paul VI is taking on greater urgency and meaning day by day.

In Episode 10 of Embracing Hope, Mark shares this prophecy and why it plays a role in understanding where we are at in salvation history. In future episodes, Mark will examine this prophecy line by line in the light of Church teaching and our Blessed Mother’s apparitions to help us understand how this prophecy may be reaching fulfillment in our times.

Part I is freely available to the general public. It can be viewed at or in the video below.

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The Christmas Miracle



IT’S not just at Christmas, but every day that the "Christmas Miracle" can take place. St. Joseph shows the way in Mark’s Christmas message, and last episode of 2009 of Embracing Hope. This webcast is free for everyone to see in the video below, and is also available at You’ll want to watch this one to the very end. 

Encountering God's Thirst



HOW do we learn to recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd? Primarily in prayer. In Episode 8, Mark summarizes the powerful teaching on Prayer from the Catechism in words that will make you want to pray. Also, hear Mark sing for the first time on Embracing Hope, a moving song he wrote on prayer and communion with God.

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My family and I want to take a moment to thank all of you for responding in prayer, donations, and words of support. It seems that God is moving many hearts through this ministry, which is a joy for all of us. Know that our family is keeping all of you in prayer in our Rosary. We are tremendously blessed by this little community of readers and viewers—from Singapore to Hong Kong, Australia to America, Ireland to Canada—blessed by your love, kindness, and constant prayers, which are a source of strength and consolation.

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