The Death of Logic – Part II


WE are witnessing one of the greatest collapses of logic in human history—in real time. Having watched for and warned about this coming Spiritual Tsunami for several years now, seeing it arrive on humanity’s shores does not diminish the stunning nature of this “eclipse of reason”, as Pope Benedict called it. [1]Address to the Roman Curia, December 20th, 2010; cf. On the Eve  In The Death of Logic – Part I, I examined some of the mind-bending actions of governments and courts that break away from logic and reason. The wave of delusion continues…



In Italy, the health ministry is outlining plans to double child benefits to would-be parents in order to combat the declining birth rate in that country—an issue in many European countries. The BBC reported that fewer babies were born in Italy in 2015 since the modern state was founded in 1861.

If we carry on as we are and fail to reverse the trend, there will be fewer than 350,000 births a year in 10 years’ time, 40% less than in 2010 — an apocalypse. —Beatrice Lorenzin, Health Minister,, May 15th, 2016

What the report failed to mention was that, since 1978, Italians have aborted over 5.5 million of their children, with over a half million alone in the past five years. [2]cf. That number excludes the tens of millions that were never conceived through artificial contraception. At this rate, Italy as we know it will cease to exist within a few generations. Vladimir Putin’s criticism of the West is a virtual indictment:

What else but the loss of the ability to self-reproduce could act as the greatest testimony of the moral crisis facing a human society? —speech to the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club, Sept. 19th, 2013;

While a demographic winter begins to grip Italy, Germany, and other European nations, America is not far behind.

Indeed, the birthrate over here has plummeted to the lowest levels in U.S. history, rivaling even the most dismal days of the Great Depression. From 2007 to 2011, which is the period where the latest hard data exists, the fertility rate fell by 9 percent. —Regis Martin, Crisis Magazine, January 7th, 2014

And why wouldn’t the rate fall? While on the local level, some progress has been made to restrict abortion, contraception is still widely used, even among Catholics. Moreover, those who govern the nation continue to fund abortion, while mainstream feminists like Camille Paglia openly trumpet and justify the eugenics program that Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly embrace.

I have always frankly admitted that abortion is murder, the extermination of the powerless by the powerful. Liberals for the most part have shrunk from facing the ethical consequences of their embrace of abortion, which results in the annihilation of concrete individuals and not just clumps of insensate tissue. The state in my view has no authority whatever to intervene in the biological processes of any woman’s body, which nature has implanted there before birth and hence before that woman’s entrance into society and citizenship. —Camille Paglia, Salon, Sept. 10th, 2008

In the meantime, the body parts of aborted babies likely continue to be sold through Planned Parenthood, according to an undercover investigation that video-taped the damning evidence. However, rather than charging the national abortion provider with illegal practices, the undercover investigators, David Daldein and Sandra Merritt, were charged with a felony of tampering with a governmental record. [3]cf. New York Times, January 25th, 2016  It is perhaps one of the most stunning injustices in a very, very long while.

In Canada, there has been much hullaballoo over the high rate of suicides taking place on native reserves in the past year. [4]New York Times,April 16th, 2016 And rightly so. However, at the very same time, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled it legal for physicians to euthanize patients or assist those who want to commit suicide who are not only enduring physical, but also psychological suffering. That is to say, while politicians are staging photo-ops and expressing horror about the high rate of suicides, they are also diligently crafting guidelines to help people kill themselves. More tragically, doctors who have taken an oath of sorts to preserve and nurture life, may be legislated—against their consciences—to destroy it. So perhaps the “horror” some feel is not that those people committed suicide or were attempting to do so, but that they didn’t have access to do it more efficiently in a sanitized room—like our abortuaries. The irony is staggering, the collapse in logic, breathtaking.

Living up to Newsweek’s title of “the first gay president,” Barack Obama continues to defy logic. First of all, he called for an end to so-called “conversion therapy”—efforts to counsel gay, lesbian, or transgender individuals who want to identify with their biological sex, that is, be heterosexual. [5]cf. The obvious, logical problem that arises, is what happens when a male, who wants to identify as a female, wants to become a male again? Obama’s condemnation of therapy effectively discriminates against a homosexual man, for instance, who wants therapeutic help to become one of the other 71 gender identities that Facebook lists when registering an account. Such individual’s “freedom” would be restricted from receiving counseling. How educated lawmen cannot see the inherent contradictions is mind-boggling.

But in what amounts to a more stunning statement (prepared and aided by the latter), the American President recently threatened with lawsuits or de-funding those public schools who do not allow students to ‘participate in sex-segregated activities and access sex-segregated facilities consistent with their gender identity.’ [6]cf. May 13th, 2016; This essentially means a boy, who decides that he identifies as a girl, has access to bathrooms, locker-rooms, and sho
wers reserved for girls.

There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex. —Attorney General Loretta Lynch, May 14th, 2016,

It also means sexual perverts, feigning their gender, can likewise gain access to whatever “room” they want. It not only amounts to a colossal collapse in logic and reason, but is an unparalleled and direct attack upon the safety and dignity of children—a formal declaration of war upon their innocence and fundamental right to safety. 

Gender theory is an error of the human mind that leads to so much confusion. So the family is under attack…. With this attitude, man commits a new sin, that against God the Creator… God has placed man and woman and the summit of creation and has entrusted them with the earth… The design of the Creator is written in nature. —POPE FRANCIS, from the book Papa Francesco: questa economia uccide and a conversation with the youth on his trip to Naples, Italy; see LifeSiteNews, March 23rd, 2015

This “anthropological revolution”, as Pope Benedict XVI called it, [7]cf. The Heart of the New Revolution is also a harbinger of how near America and the world may be coming to a “great shaking“:

Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of things that cause sin! Such things must come, but woe to the one through whom they come. (Matt 18:6-7)



As I ponder over this political-correctness-turned-madness, one can only explain it as deception. Again, as I wrote over 10 years ago under the encouragement of a Canadian bishop, I shared with readers an unforgettable experience I had in the mountains of British Columbia. [8]see Removing the Restrainer I felt something in my spirit, like a shockwave traversing the earth, as if something in the spiritual realm had been released. And I heard in my heart the words:

I have lifted the restrainer.

At the time, I did not know what this meant. But that night in my motel room, I opened my Bible straight to 2 Thessalonians 2:3 where it speaks about a restrainer that holds back both lawlessness (apostasy) and “the lawless one”, the antichrist. St. Paul goes on to write that God is sending…

…upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2 Thess 2:11)

I am at a loss for words for what is happening at this hour—especially with so much silence from the men of the Church—except to say that what we are seeing now is what would seem to be, at the very least, the beginning stages of this “strong delusion.” For that is what deception is: to believe as true that which is false, and to take that which is evil as good. It means that we have arrived at an hour where Christian men must begin to act with courage and Christian women with bravery. Either we are going to defend our, and our neighbour’s children, or we are going to unwittingly offer them as a holocaust upon the altar of political correctness.

Given such a grave situation, we need now more than ever to have the courage to look the truth in the eye and to call things by their proper name, without yielding to convenient compromises or to the temptation of self-deception. In this regard, the reproach of the Prophet is extremely straightforward: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness” (Is 5:20). —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Evangelium Vitae, “The Gospel of Life”, n. 58

In what amounts to an increasingly rare moment of light—at least from a federal judge—American Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, recently said to a group of college graduates:

Do not hide your faith and your beliefs under a bushel basket, especially in this world that seems to have gone mad with political correctness. —Huffington Post, May 16th, 2016



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