The Descent Into Darkness


WHEN churches began closing last winter, this apostolate virtually tripled in readership overnight. People were looking for answers as many sensed that “something” was wrong on a deep, existential level. They were, and are right. But something changed for me too. The interior “now word” that the Lord would give, perhaps a few times a week, suddenly became a “now stream.” The words were constant, and more surprisingly, were confirmed usually within minutes by someone else in the Body of Christ—either an email, a text, a phone call, etc. I was overwhelmed… I tried my best in those weeks to relay to you what the Lord was showing me, things I had never seen or thought of before. For example…

  • the connection between Big Pharma and the Nazi scientists from World War II (eg. The Pandemic of Control; Our 1942)
  • the connection between the major bankers and philanthropists and their common control over food, health, and agriculture (eg. The Pandemic of Control)
  • the possibility that our ability to “buy and sell” may soon be tied to a biometric ID (cf. The Labor Pains are Real)
  • new insights into the events and revelations that have come to me since my early childhood (cf. Our Lady: Prepare – Part III)
  • deeper insights on things I have already written, and have yet to share with you…

Now that the so-called “second wave” of the coronavirus has begun and countries are beginning to announce new lockdowns and heavier measures, that prophetic “stream” has started again. And so, I want to share with you a summary of what I’ve written since early this year and some new “words” that have come to me in the last few days. 



St. Paul wrote “that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.” [1]1 Thessalonians 5:2 Virtually no one, including me, was prepared for what happened this past winter through this coronavirus: the sudden lockdowns, church closures, draconian restrictions and the destruction of local economies. I reread again yesterday what I published from my private diary back in February, 2020 in It Rapidly Comes Now:

August 31st, 2010 (Mary): But now the time has come for the words of the prophets to be fulfilled, and all things brought beneath the heel of my Son. Do not delay in your personal conversion. Listen intently to the voice of my Spouse, the Holy Spirit. Remain in my Immaculate Heart, and you will find refuge in the Storm. Justice now falls. Heaven now weeps… and the sons of men will know sorrow upon sorrow.  But I will be with you. I promise to hold you, and like a good mother, protect you beneath the shelter of my wings. All is not lost, but all is gained only through the Cross of my Son [ie. the Church’s own Passion]. Love my Jesus who loves all of you with a burning love. 

October 4th, 2010: Time is short, I tell you. In your lifetime Mark, the Sorrows of sorrows will come. Do not be afraid but be prepared, for you do not know the day or the hour when the Son of Man will come as the just Judge.

October 14th, 2010: Now is the time! Now is the time for the nets to be filled and drawn into the barque of My Church.

October 20th, 2010: So little time is left… so little time. Even you will not be ready, for the Day will come like a thief. But continue to fill your lamp, and you will see in the coming darkness (see Matt 25:1-13, and how all the virgins were caught off guard, even those who were “prepared”).

November 3rd, 2010: There is so little time left. Great changes are coming over the face of the earth. People are unprepared. They have not heeded My warnings. Many will die. Pray and intercede for them that they will die in My grace. The powers of evil are marching ahead. They will throw your world into chaos. Fix your heart and eyes firmly on Me, and no harm shall come to you and your household. These are days of darkness, great darkness such as has not been since I laid the foundations of the earth. My Son is coming as light. Who is ready for the revelation of His majesty? Who is ready even among My people to see themselves in the light of Truth?

November 13th, 2010: My son, the sorrow in your heart is but a drop of the sorrow in your Father’s heart. That after so many gifts and attempts to draw men back to Me, they have stubbornly refused My grace. All of Heaven is prepared now. All the angels stand ready for the great battle of your times. Write about it (Rev 12-13). You are on its threshold, mere moments away. Stay awake then. Live soberly, do not fall asleep in sin, for you may never wake up. Be attentive to My word, which I will speak through you, My little mouthpiece. Make haste. Waste no time, for time is something you do not have.

June 16th, 2011: My child, My child, how little time there is left! How little opportunity there is for My people to get their house in order. When I come, it will be like a blazing fire, and people will have no time to do that which they have put off. The hour is coming, as this hour of preparation comes to a close. Weep, My people, for the Lord your God is deeply offended and wounded by your negligence. Like a thief in the night I will come, and will I find all My children asleep? Wake up! Wake up, I tell you, for you do not realize how near is the time of your trial. I am with you and always will be.  Are you with Me?

March 15th, 2011: My child, brace your soul for the events which must take place. Do not be afraid, for fear is a sign of a weak faith and impure love. Rather, trust wholeheartedly in all that I will accomplish upon the face of the earth. Only then, in the “fullness of night,” will My people be able to recognize the light… (cf. 1 John 4:18)

Since then, seers all over the world (and published on Countdown to the Kingdom) are saying that time has essentially run out.



In March 2020, I wrote The Vigil of Sorrows. For just as we celebrate the “day of the Lord” on Sunday beginning with the vigil Mass on Saturday evening, so too, the Day of the Lord that the world is now entering has begun in darkness. Two nights ago, as I was reading about the lockdowns taking place in England and Australia, the words dropped into my heart so clearly:

This is the descent into darkness.

It was the sense that this darkness we have entered will not reach its completion until Our Lord purifies the earth. The Labor Pains are Real… we have entered The Great Transition. But the end is not the tomb but the resurrection of the Church. That’s why my sister website is called Countdown to the Kingdom—not countdown to doomsday.

When I awoke yesterday morning, I went before the Blessed Sacrament with a heavy heart to pray. I meditated on the 20th “round” in Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta’s diary—prayers of reparation and preparation for the coming of the Kingdom of Christ “on earth as it is in heaven.” This particular round was a meditation on the Agony in the Garden. Yes, that is what I wrote in March as well, that we have entered Our Gethsemane. In this 20th round, Luisa pleads with the Lord:

My agonizing Jesus, my poor heart cannot bear to see You prostrate on the ground and bathed in your own Blood. For the sake of your bitter agony, I entreat You to establish on earth the Kingdom of your Divine Will. With the weapons of your Divine Will, vanquish the weapons of the human will so that is may undergo the agony of defeat and your Divine Will may be justly vindicated of the agony it has been forced to endure for many long centuries. In this way, the human will shall no longer have a life of its own, but will implore the life of your Divine Will to reign in every heart. 

There are two things that must happen now at the end of this era. The human will must exhaust itself in evil so that the “Divine Will may be justly vindicated.” The “labor pains” Our Lord spoke of in Matthew 24 are really just that: man reaping what he has sown through the assertion of the human will. That, ultimately, is personified in the Antichrist. 

…the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. (2 Thess 2:3-4)

The beast that rises up is the epitome of evil and falsehood, so that the full force of apostasy which it embodies can be cast into the fiery furnace.  —St. Irenaeus of Lyons, Church Father (140–202 A.D.); Adversus Haereses, 5, 29

Then, through the miracle of Divine Mercy, the most incredible resurrection will come: the restoration of the Divine Will in the Church as the final stage of her sanctification before the end of the world (see The Resurrection of the Church). What Jesus, our Head, accomplished in doing His Father’s Will, must now be accomplished in Christ’s mystical Body; what was lost in Eden—the grace of Living in the Divine Will—is to be restored in order to complete the work of Sanctification.

My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work. (John 4:34)

For the mysteries of Jesus are not yet completely perfected and fulfilled. They are complete, indeed, in the person of Jesus, but not in us, who are his members, nor in the Church, which is his mystical body. —St. John Eudes, treatise “On the Kingdom of Jesus”, Liturgy of the Hours, Vol IV, p 559

Then suddenly during morning prayer, a very strong desire came over me that I need to meet with other brothers in Christ to pray…



When I returned to my office, I checked in on what our team was doing on Countdown to the Kingdom. My colleague Daniel had just posted two new messages. The first was drawn from Luisa’s writings. I quote it here:

Ah! my daughter, grave things are to happen. In order to reorder a kingdom, a house, a general uproar happens first, and many things perish-some lose, others gain. In sum, there is chaos, a greater struggling, and many things are suffered in order to reorder, renew and give a new shape to the kingdom, or the house. There is more suffering and more work to do if one must destroy in order to rebuild, than if one only had to build. The same will happen in order to rebuild the Kingdom of My Will. How many innovations need to be made. It is necessary to turn everything upside down, to knock down and destroy human beings, to upset the earth, the sea, the air, the wind, the water, the fire, so that all may put themselves at work in order to renew the face of the earth, so as to bring the order of the new Kingdom of My Divine Will into the midst of creatures. Therefore, many grave things will happen, and in seeing this, if I look at the chaos, I feel afflicted; but if I look beyond, in seeing the order and My new Kingdom rebuilt, I go from a deep sadness to a joy so great that you cannot comprehend… My daughter, let us look beyond, that we may be cheered. I want to make things return as in the beginning of Creation… —Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta , April 24th, 1927

Yes, we are descending into darkness… chaos, suffering, trial… but only to rise again on the other side. I know some of you are very scared right now. But this fear will melt the more you pray, the more you spend time with Jesus, the more you listen to Him in His Word, the more you pray the Rosary and invite Our Lady into your home… the more you listen to, also, to the messages of hope such as The Dawn of Hope.

The second message came from the Italian seer, Gisella Cardia. Note the underlined parts:

Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts. My children, I see that many of my children are not praying but are caught up in the things of the world; they have not yet understood that communal prayer is the greatest force against evil. My children, Rome and its Church will suffer their greatest pain for not having respected my wishes. Pray that the suffering would be lessened, as the light in their hearts has now gone out. My dearly beloved children, gloom and darkness are about to descend on the world; I ask you to help me even if everything must be fulfilled — God’s justice is about to strike. I ask you once more in tears: pray, pray, pray greatly, because for those who do not believe, the suffering will be atrocious. Love God, kneel before Him who looks at you with a bleeding heart. I am concerned for priests who have chosen Satan and paganism: I ask you not to accept anything that is not God, One and Three.

There it is, that descent into darkness. But Heaven is reminding us where the light can be found: in prayer, especially communal prayer

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Matthew 18:20)

I really encourage you to reach out to those like-minded Christians near you to “pray, pray, pray” and intercede for this broken world and invoke the coming of the Kingdom (see The Sacrament of Community). We are going to need each other in the days ahead like never before…



Something strange is happening in Australia. I have many readers there, including priests, and they are deeply troubled by its descent into a police state. The city of Melbourne’s 5 millions residents are under some of the most stringent restrictions in the world having been confined indoors for 125 days, longer than the lockdowns in Manila, Wuhan, China, and even Italy. The Washington Post reports:

Schools are shuttered. Roads are empty. The only shops open are gas stations, supermarkets and drugstores. People who don’t work in an essential industry are allowed to leave their houses only for two hours’ exercise a day, or to buy food, care for others or seek medical attention. Soldiers go door-to-door checking that infected people are in isolation. Police ask cyclists for identification to ensure they are not breaching a rule allowing exercise only within five kilometers (3.1 miles) of their homes. —”Australia’s coronavirus ‘dictator’ enforces a drastic lockdown. He’s still popular”, The Washington Post, September 15th, 2020

Moreover, reports are flooding in from “down under” regarding excessive police force against citizens who are apparently “not in compliance” (watch here). I have felt for a long time that Australia (as well as California and Canada—particularly Ontario) are “experimental” grounds for pushing increasingly progressive agendas on their population (ie. the beginning stages of a “new Communism”). I am thinking of the words of Pope Pius XI who exposed how Russia and its people were usurped last century by those…

…authors and abettors [ie. Freemasons] who considered Russia the best-prepared field for experimenting with a plan elaborated decades ago, and who from there continue to spread it from one end of the world to the other… Our words are now receiving sorry confirmation from the spectacle of the bitter fruits of subversive ideas, which We foresaw and foretold, and which are… threatening every other country of the world. —POPE PIUS XI, Divini Redemptoris, n. 24, 6

Just substitute Russia with Australia. Indeed, a new “COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act 2020” presented by the government there would see ordinary citizens designated as “authorized officers” and given the power to detain people whom they perceive to be a high risk person (either with COVID-19 or a close contact) and who refuse to comply with health directives. This kind of authority given to average citizens has evoked memory of the “Brown shirts”, Hitler’s citizenry who were empowered to enforce his regime. Consider this passage from the Omnibus Bill:

…the Secretary or the officer in charge of a remand centre, youth residential centre or youth justice centre may authorise the isolation of a person detained in the centre, that is the placing of the person in a locked room separate to others and from the normal routine of the centre. Isolation may be authorised… whether or not the person isolated is suspected of having, or has been diagnosed as having, COVID-19 or any other infectious disease. COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act 2020; Division 4.1,2 (my emphasis)

(This is reminiscent of my “Dream of the Lawless One” that I recounted again in Our Lady: Prepare – Part III). Of course, the reaction to all this in the Australian media has been utter shock, at least by some, leading even judges to send letters of rebuke to the Premier of Victoria state, Daniel Andrews, who has been nicknamed “Dictator Dan.”

…this bill attempts to empower unqualified, untrained citizens… with the draconian ability to detain fellow citizens. Normally, that sort of power is vested only in skilled and trained and qualified personnel, like the police force, people who are subject to a whole raft of rules and regulations. Yet here, these time honoured principles have been thrown out and in its place is the idea that the unqualified, untrained should have the power of detention over fellow citizens… it’s extraordinary. —Barrister Stuart Wood AM QC,, Sept. 22nd, 2020

Indeed, Melbourne resident, journalist and academic, Dr. Bella d’Abrera concludes:

There has to be a larger agenda… I do feel like Melbourne has been a test run and a test case to see how you can control a population, how you can manipulate a population—and it’s being done absolutely brilliantly. —Dr. Bella d’Abrera, Director of Foundations of Western Civilisation Program, Interview (16:23 mark),

Eerily, the Victorian police force are selling face masks in their online store with the Freemasons’ logo on it (see When Communism Returns to learn the Masonic roots of Marxism):

In Ontario, the government there is imposing Canada’s largest fines for those who break emergency COVID-19 rules whilst threatening the populace with more lockdowns (even though fatalities and hospitalizations “flat-lined” in September). They are committing a billion dollars to the cause, which will include hiring more “contact tracers”, that is, “authorized officers.” Independent MPP Randy Hillier decried the government’s actions:

Ontario Premier Doug Ford touching his mask, which is a no-no (inset Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

Without debate or vote, we have embraced arbitrary rules. We have thrown away the rule of law. We have accepted unaccountable authority instead of representative government. We have empowered governments to deprive people of their businesses, employment and livelihoods. Socialism is neither a cure nor a remedy for, September 23rd, 2020

As for California, well, it’s already far down the chute with some of the most progressive agendas in America. In 2017, they even allowed members of the Communist Party to be put on the state payroll.[2]

Communism, then, is coming back again on the Western world, because something died in the Western world—namely, the strong faith of men in the God that made them. —Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen, “Communism in America”, cf.

In other words, this is what I have been writing and warning about for years—of When Communism Returns. Just “how” exactly it would return was the question that is seemingly being answered now by the hour. As Our Lady’s Little Rabble, we are not helpless. Through prayer, fasting, and imploring Jesus to bring His Kingdom of the Divine Will, we are hastening His coming.

And may you quickly come, Lord Jesus.

May we experience in our own wills the consummation you experienced [on the Cross], so that our wills may be consumed in your Will. May your death give death to our own will, and may your ‘Fiat’ establish its life within all hearts, and triumphant and victorious, extend its reign in mankind on earth as it is in heaven. —Luisa’s prayer to Jesus, 21st Round in the Divine Will



Isaiah’s Prophecy of Global Communism


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1 1 Thessalonians 5:2