Global Revolution!


…the order of the world is shaken. (Psalm 82:5)

WHEN I wrote about Revolution! a few years ago, it was not a word being used much in the mainstream. But today, it is being spoken everywhere… and now, the words “global revolutionare rippling throughout the world. From the uprisings in the Middle East, to Venezuela, Ukraine, etc. to the first murmurings in the “Tea Party” revolution and “Occupy Wall Street” in the U.S., unrest is spreading like “a virus.” There is indeed a global upheaval underway.

I will rouse Egypt against Egypt: brother will war against brother, neighbour against neighbour, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. (Isaiah 19:2)

But it is a Revolution that has been in the making for a very long time…



From the very beginning, the Sacred Scriptures have foretold of a worldwide revolution, a political-philosophical process that, as we know now, stretches like an enormous thundercloud over the landscape of centuries. The prophet Daniel ultimately foresaw that the rise and fall of many kingdoms would eventually culminate in the ascent of a global empire. He saw it in a vision like a “beast”:

The fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, different from all the others; it shall devour the whole earth, beat it down, and crush it. The ten horns shall be ten kings rising out of that kingdom; another shall rise up after them, different from those before him, who shall lay low three kings. (Daniel 7:23-24)

St. John, also wrote down a similar vision of this global force in his Apocalypse:

Then I saw a beast come out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads; on its horns were ten diadems, and on its heads blasphemous name(s)… Fascinated, the whole world followed after the beast… and it was granted authority over every tribe, people, tongue, and nation. (Rev 13:1,3,7)

The Early Church Fathers (Irenaeus, Tertullian, Hippolytus, Cyprian, Cyril, Lactantius, Chrysostom, Jerome, and Augustine) unamimously recognized this beast to be the Roman Empire. From it would rise these “ten kings”.

But this aforesaid Antichrist is to come when the times of the Roman empire shall have been fulfilled, and the end of the world is now drawing near. There shall rise up together ten kings of the Romans, reigning in different parts perhaps, but all about the same time… —St. Cyril of Jerusalem, (c. 315-386), Doctor of the Church, Catechetical Lectures, Lecture XV, n.12

The Roman Empire, which extended throughout Europe and even into Africa and the Middle East, has been divided throughout the centuries. It is from these that the “ten kings” come.

I grant that as Rome, according to the prophet Daniel’s vision, succeeded Greece, so Antichrist succeeds Rome, and our Savior Christ succeeds Antichrist. But it does not hence follow that Antichrist is come; for I do not grant that the Roman empire is gone. Far from it: the Roman empire remains even to this day… And as the horns, or kingdoms, still exist, as a matter of fact, consequently we have not yet seen the end of the Roman empire. —Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890), The Times of Antichrist, Sermon 1

It was in fact Jesus who described the turmoil that would set the stage for the rise of this beast:

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom…

Kingdom against kingdom denotes strife within a nation: civil discord… revolution. In fact, the creation of this discord would be precisely the game plan of the “dragon,” Satan, who will give his power over to the beast (Rev 13:2).



There are many conspiracy theories swirling about these days. But what is not conspiracy—according to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church—is that there are secret societies operating in the background of daily national life throughout the world, working to bring about a new order in which the controlling members of these societies will eventually attempt to rule (watch We Were Warned).

While being hosted in a private chalet in France a couple of years ago, I stumbled across the only English book I could find on their shelves: “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements.” It was written by controversial historian Nesta Webster (c. 1876-1960) who wrote extensively on the Illuminati [1]from the Latin illuminatus meaning “enlightened”: a group of powerful men often immersed in the occult, who through the generations, have actively worked to bring about a Communist world domination. She points to their active role in bringing about the French Revolution, the 1848 Revolution, the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, which marked the beginning of Communism in modern times (and remains in various forms today in in North Korea, China, and other socialist countries with an underlying philosophy of Marxism.) As I point out in my book, The Final Confrontation, the modern form of these secret societies have drawn their impetus from the ill-formed philosophies of the Enlightenment era. These were the “seeds” of Global Revolution that today are in full bloom (deism, rationalism, materialism, scientism, atheism, marxism, communism, etc.).

But a philosophy is only words until it is put into practice.

The organization of the Secret Societies was needed to transform the theorizings of the philosophers into a concrete and formidable system for the destruction of civilization. —Nesta Webster, World Revolution, p. 4

Ordo Ab Chaos means “Order out of Chaos.” It is the Latin motto of 33rd degree Freemasons, a secret sect that has been outright condemned by the Catholic Church due to their perennially illicit goals and more insidious rites and laws in the higher degrees:

You are aware indeed, that the goal of this most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this Socialism and Communism… —POPE PIUS IX, Nostis et Nobiscum, Encyclical, n. 18, DECEMBER 8, 1849

And so, now we see on the horizon a Global Revolution…

At this period, however, the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself …that which is their ultimate purpose forces itself into view—namely, the utter overthrow of that whole religious and political order of the world which the Christian teaching has produced, and the substitution of a new state of things in accordance with their ideas, of which the foundations and laws shall be drawn from mere naturalism. —POPE LEO XIII, Humanum Genus, Encyclical on Freemasonry, n.10, Apri 20thl, 1884



As I wrote in Of China, this is precisely why Our Lady of Fatima was sent to warn humanity: that our present path would result in Russia spreading “her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church,” paving the way for the rise of global Communism. Is this the beast of Revelation who enslaves all of mankind?

…without the guidance of charity in truth, this global force could cause unprecedented damage and create new divisions within the human family… humanity runs new risks of enslavement and manipulation.. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Caritas in Veritate, n.33, 26

One might ask, though, how even the Mother of God could prevent the rise of this beast. The answer is that she can’t. But she can delay it through our prayers. The apocalyptic intervention of the “Woman clothed in the sun” to delay the rise of this beast by calling for our prayers and sacrifice is nothing short of an echo from the early Church:

There is also another and a greater necessity for our offering prayer on behalf of the emperors… For we know that a mighty shock [is] impending over the whole earth—in fact, the very end of all things threatening dreadful woes—is only retarded by the continued existence of the Roman empire. We have no desire, then, to be overtaken by these dire events; and in praying that their coming may be delayed, we are lending our aid to Rome’s duration. —Tertullian (c. 160–225 AD), Church Fathers, Apology, Chapter 32

Who can argue that this Global Revolution has been postponed in so far as the timeline of Divine Mercy has permitted? Pope St. Pius X thought the Antichrist was already alive—in 1903. It was in 1917 that Our Lady of Fatima appeared. It was in 1972 that Paul VI admitted the “smoke of Satan” had seeped into the very summit of the Church—an allusion, many have interpreted, to Freemasonry having infiltrated the hierarchy itself.

In the 19th century, French priest and writer, Fr. Charles Arminjon summarized the prevailing “signs of the times” that have formed the foundation for our own:

…if we study but a moment the signs of the present time, the menacing symptoms of our political situation and revolutions, as well as the progress of civilization and the increasing advance of evil, corresponding to the progress of civilization and the discoveries in the material order, we cannot fail to foresee the proximity of the coming of the man of sin, and of the days of desolation foretold by Christ. —Fr. Charles Arminjon (c. 1824 -1885), The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life, p. 58, Sophia Institute Press

The basis of Fr. Charles’ statement is the same as several of the pontiffs who have pointed out that the efforts of secret societies to infiltrate and concretize the errant philosophies of the Enlightenment within society has led to an apostasy within the Church and re-emergence of paganism in the world:

Who can fail to see that society is at the present time, more than in any past age, suffering from a terrible and deep-rooted malady which, developing every day and eating into its inmost being, is dragging it to destruction? You understand, Venerable Brethren, what this disease is—apostasy from God… —POPE ST. PIUS X, E Supremi, Encyclical On the Restoration of All Things in Christ, n. 3; October 4th, 1903

We cannot calmly accept the rest of humanity falling back again into paganism. —Cardinal Ratzinger (POPE BENEDICT XVI), The New Evangelization, Building the Civilization of Love; Address to Catechists and Religion Teachers, December 12, 2000

In a footnote, Fr. Charles adds:

…if the defection continues on its course, it may be predicted that this war on God must inevitably end in total, consumated apostasy. It is but a small step from the cult of the state—that is, the utilitarian spirit and the worship of the god-state which is the religion of our time, to the worship of the individual man. We have almost reached that point…The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life, footnote n. 40, p. 72; Sophia Institute Press

Our current Pope warned that we have reached that point:

We cannot deny that the rapid changes occurring in our world also present some disturbing signs of fragmentation and a retreat into individualism. The expanding use of electronic communications has in some cases paradoxically resulted in greater isolation. Many people—including the young—are seeking therefore more authentic forms of community. Also of grave concern is the spread of a secularist ideology that undermines or even rejects transcendent truth. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, speech at St. Joseph’s Church, April 8th, 2008, Yorkville, New York; Catholic News Agency



Vladimir Solovëv, in his famous A Short Story of the Anti-Christ, [2]published in 1900 was inspired by the early eastern Church Fathers.

Pope John Paul II praised Solovëv for his insights and prophetic vision [3]L’ Osservatore Romano, August 2000. In his fictional short story, the Antichrist, who becomes the incarnation of narcissism, writes a compelling book that reaches across every political and religious spectrum. In the Antichrist’s book…

Absolute individualism stood side by side with an ardent zeal for the common good. A Short Story of the Anti-Christ, Vladimir Solovëv

Indeed, these two elements in Solovëv’s prophetic vision have merged today in a deadly blend called “relativism” whereby the ego becomes the standard by which good and evil are determined, and the floating concept of “tolerance” is held as a virtue.

Having a clear faith, according to the credo of the Church, is often labeled as fundamentalism. Yet, relativism, that is, letting oneself be tossed and ‘swept along by every wind of teaching’, appears the sole attitude acceptable to today’s standards. —Cardinal Ratzinger (POPE BENEDICT XVI) pre-conclave Homily, April 18th, 2005

This rejection of moral authority, fueled further by scandals within both secular and religious institutions, has created a generation that will accept anything and believe nothing. The danger of our times is that the Global Revolution underway (which likely won’t fully impact the West until it impacts our stomachs) risks paving the way for an ungodly solution to the growing anger and frustration against both Church and secular political institutions. It is easy to see that populations, particularly the youth, are growing hostile toward politicians and popes alike. The question, then, is who exactly are the people willing to have lead them in the face of a global meltdown? The Great Vacuum of leadership and morals alike has indeed put “the very future of the world at stake,” as Pope Benedict recently said. Given the right circumstances of civil unrest, food shortages, and war—all of which seem more and more inevitable—would indeed put the world in a place that risks “enslavement and manipulation.”

Ultimatley, atheism cannot be an answer [4]see The Great Deception. Man is by nature a religious being. We were created for God, and thus, deep within, thirst for Him. In Solovëv’s story, he envisions a time when the current trend of today’s new atheism will run its course:

The notion of the universe as a system of dancing atoms, and of life as the result of mechanical accumulation of the slightest changes in material no longer satisfied a single reasoning intellect.A Short Story of the Anti-Christ, Vladimir Solovëv

The architects of the New World Order intend to satiate this religious desire in man with a utopian world more in harmony with nature, the cosmos, and “the christ” within (see The Coming Counterfeit). A “world religion” uniting all faiths and creeds (that will accept anything and believe nothing) is one of the stated goals of the secret societies behind a Global Revolution. From the Vatican’s website:

[the] New Age shares with a number of internationally influential groups, the goal of superseding or transcending particular religions in order to create space for a universal religion which could unite humanity… The New Age which is dawning will be peopled by perfect, androgynous beings who are totally in command of the cosmic laws of nature. In this scenario, Christianity has to be eliminated and give way to a global religion and a new world order. Jesus Christ, The Bearer of the Water of Life, n. 2.5 , Pontifical Councils for Culture and Inter-religious Dialogue

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824), a German Augustinian nun and stigmatist, had a profound vision in which she saw Masons attempting to tear down the wall of St. Peter’s in Rome.

There were among the demolishers distinguished men wearing uniforms and crosses. They did not work themselves but they marked out on the wall with a trowel [Masonic symbol] where and how it should be torn down. To my horror, I saw among them Catholic Priests. Whenever the workmen did not know how to go on, they went to a certain one in their party. He had a large book which seemed to contain the whole plan of the building and the way to destroy it. They marked out exactly with a trowel the parts to be attacked, and they soon came down. They worked quietly and confidently, but slyly, furtively and warily. I saw the Pope praying, surrounded by false friends who often did the very opposite to what he had ordered…Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich, Vol. 1, by Rev. K.E. Schmöger, Tan Books, 1976, p. 565

Rising in place of St. Peter’s, she saw a new religious movement [5]see A Black Pope?:

I saw enlightened Protestants, plans formed for the blending of religious creeds, the suppression of papal authority… I saw no Pope, but a bishop prostrate before the High Altar. In this vision I saw the church bombarded by other vessels… It was threatened on all sides… They built a large, extravagant church which was to embrace all creeds with equal rights… but in place of an altar were only abomination and desolation. Such was the new church to be… —Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824 A.D.), The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich, April 12th, 1820

Those behind this, says Pope Leo XIII, come under varying philosophies, but all from the same ancient satanic root: the belief that man can take the place of God (2 Thess 2:4).

We speak of that sect of men who… are called socialists, communists, or nihilists, and who, spread over all the world, and bound together by the closest ties in a wicked confederacy, no longer seek the shelter of secret meetings, but, openly and boldly marching forth in the light of day, strive to bring to a head what they have long been planning—the overthrow of all civil society whatsoever. Surely, these are they who, as the sacred Scriptures testify, ‘Defile the flesh, despise dominion and blaspheme majesty.’ (Jud. 8).” — POPE LEO XIII, Encyclical Quod Apostolici Muneris, December 28, 1878, n. 1



How can we fail to understand the times we live in, unfolding before our very eyes on live internet streams and 24 hour cable news? It’s not just the protests in Asia, the chaos in Greece, the food riots in Albania or the unrest in Europe, but also, if not especially, the rising tide of anger in the United States. One almost gets the impression at times that “someone” or some plan is purposely driving the populace to the brink of revolution. Whether it’s billion dollar bailouts to Wall Street, million dollar payouts to CEO’s, driving the national debt to treacherous levels, the endless printing of money, or the growing infringement on personal rights in the name of “national security,” the anger and anxiety within the country is palpable. As a grassroots movement called “The Tea Party” grows [6]reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party revolution of 1774, unemployment remains high, food prices rise, and gun sales reach record levels, the recipe for revolution is already brewing.  Behind it all, again, seems to be the pervasive and powerful figures hidden from the scene who continue to meet in secret societies such as the Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Rosicrucians etc.:

Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. —President Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom, Ch. 1

Brothers and sisters, what I have written here is difficult to absorb. It is the expanse of thousands of years of history appearing to culminate in our times: the ancient confrontation between the Woman and the Dragon of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12…

We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through… We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel and the anti-Gospel. —Cardinal Karol Wojtyla (JOHN PAUL II), at the Eucharistic Congress, Philadelphia, PA; August 13, 1976

The convulsions in nature… the growing apostasy… the words of the Holy Fathers… the apparitions of Our Lady… how can the signs be any clearer? And yet, how much longer will these revolutions and labor pains carry on? Years? Decades? We do not know, nor does it matter. What is essential is that we respond to Heaven’s requests being revealed to us through both the Woman-Mary and the Woman-Church. In his Encyclical Letter on Atheistic Communism, Pope Pius XI summarized the imperative before each and every conscientious Christian—one we can no longer ignore:

When the Apostles asked the Savior why they had been unable to drive the evil spirit from a demoniac, Our Lord answered: “This kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.” So, too, the evil which today torments humanity can be conquered only by a world-wide crusade of prayer and penance. We ask especially the Contemplative Orders, men and women, to redouble their prayers and sacrifices to obtain from heaven efficacious aid for the Church in the present struggle. Let them implore also the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Virgin who, having crushed the head of the serpent of old, remains the sure protectress and invincible “Help of Christians.” —POPE PIUS XI, Encyclical Letter on Atheistic Communism, March 19th, 1937


First published February 2nd, 2011.








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1 from the Latin illuminatus meaning “enlightened”
2 published in 1900
3 L’ Osservatore Romano, August 2000
4 see The Great Deception
5 see A Black Pope?
6 reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party revolution of 1774
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