2014 and the Rising Beast



THERE are many hopeful things developing in the Church, most of them quietly, still very much hidden from view. On the other hand, there are many troubling things on the horizon of humanity as we enter 2014. These too, though not as hidden, are lost on most people whose source of information remains the mainstream media; whose lives are caught in the treadmill of busyness; who have lost their internal connection to God’s voice through a lack of prayer and spiritual development. I am speaking of souls who do not “watch and pray” as Our Lord asked us.

I can’t help but call to mind what I published six years ago on this very eve of the Feast of the Holy Mother of God:

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Love Live in Me



HE did not wait for a castle. He didn’t hold out for a perfected people. Rather, He came when we least expected Him… when all He could be offered was a humble greeting and abode.

And so, it is appropriate this night that we hear the angel’s greeting: “Do not be afraid.” [1] Do not be afraid that the abode of your heart is not a castle; that you are not a perfect person; that you are in fact a sinner most in need of mercy. You see, it is not a problem for Jesus to come and dwell among the poor, the sinful, the wretched. Why do we always think that we must be holy and perfect before He will even so much as glance our way? It is not true—Christmas Eve tells us differently.

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  1. Luke 2:10[]

Unhealthy Introspection

for December 20th, 2013

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SAME angel. Same news: beyond all possible odds, a baby is going to be born. In yesterday’s Gospel, it would be John the Baptist; in today’s, it is Jesus Christ. But how Zechariah and the Virgin Mary responded to the news was completely different.

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Waging War

for December 19th, 2013

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The attack on a group of men praying outside a Cathedral, St. Juan Argentina



I recently watched the film Prisoners, a story about the abduction of two children and the attempts of the fathers and police to find them. As it says in the movie’s release notes, one father takes matters into his own hands in what becomes a very intense moral struggle. [1]

I won’t say any more about the film. But there is one line that stood out like a beacon:

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  1. The film is very violent and contains many expletives, earning it an R rating. It also, curiously, contains many blatant Masonic symbols.[]

Welcome Mary

for December 18th, 2013

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WHEN Joseph learned that Mary was “found with child”, today’s Gospel says he set about to “divorce her quietly.”

How many today quietly “divorce” themselves from the Mother of God! How many say, “I can go to straight to Jesus. Why do I need her?” Or they say, “The Rosary is too long and boring,” or, “Devotion to Mary was a pre-Vatican II thing that we no longer need to do…”, and so forth. I too pondered the question of Mary many years ago. With a sweat on my brow, I poured over the Scriptures asking “Why do we Catholics make such a big deal of Mary?”

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The Lion of Judah

for December 17th, 2013

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THERE is a powerful moment of drama in one of St. John’s visions in the Book of Revelation. After hearing the Lord chastise the seven churches, warning, exhorting, and preparing them for His coming, [1] St. John is shown a scroll with writing on both sides that is sealed with seven seals. When he realizes that “no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth” is able to open and examine it, he begins to weep profusely. But why is St. John weeping over something he hasn’t read yet?

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  1. cf. Rev 1:7[]

Unbelievable Odds

for December 16th, 2013

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Christ in the Temple,
by Heinrich Hoffman



WHAT would you think if I could tell you who the President of the United States will be five hundred years from now, including what signs will precede his birth, where he will be born, what his name will be, what family line he will descend from, how he will be betrayed by a member of his cabinet, for what price, how he will be tortured, the method of execution, what those around him will say, and even with whom he will be buried. The odds of getting every single one of these projections right are astronomical.

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"Prepare you… as no other work I've read"



What’s in the book?

  • Understand how the Woman and dragon of Revelation appeared in the 16th century, beginning “the greatest historical confrontation” mankind has gone through.
  • Learn how the stars on Our Lady of Guadalupe’s tilma match the morning sky on December 12th, 1531 when she appeared to St. TheFinalConfrontationBook-1Juan Diego, and how they carry a “prophetic word” for our times.
  • Other miracles of the tilma that science cannot explain.
  • What the early Church Fathers have to say about the Antichrist and the so-called “era of peace”.
  • What the Fathers say about the timing  of the Antichrist.
  • Learn why the “day of the Lord” is not a 24 hour period, but symbolic of what Tradition refers to as the “thousand year” reign.
  • Learn how the “era of peace” is not the heresy of millenarianism.
  • How we are not coming to the end of the world, but the end of our era according to the popes and Fathers.
  • Read Mark’s powerful encounter with the Lord while singing the Sanctus, and how it launched this writing ministry.
  • Discover the hope that lies on the horizon after the coming judgment.


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Parenting the Prodigal

for December 14th, 2013
Memorial of St. John of the Cross

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THE most difficult and painful thing any parent can face, aside from losing their child, is their child losing their faith. I have prayed with thousands of people over the years, and the most common request, the most frequent source of tears and anguish, are for the children who have wandered away. I look into these parents’ eyes, and I can see that many of them are holy. And they feel absolutely helpless.

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Snow In Cairo?

First snow in Cairo, Egypt in 100 years, AFP-Getty Images



SNOW in Cairo? Ice in Israel? Sleet in Syria?

For several years now, the world has watched as natural earth events ravage various regions from place to place. But is there a link to what is also happening in society en masse: the ravaging of the natural and moral law?

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