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MANY feel that Pope Francis’ announcement declaring a “Jubilee of Mercy” from Dec. 8th, 2015 to Nov. 20th, 2016 bore greater significance than may first have appeared. The reason being is that it is one of numerous signs converging all at once. That hit home for me also as I reflected on the Jubilee and a prophetic word I received at the end of 2008… [1]cf. The Year of the Unfolding

First published March 24th, 2015.



I will repeat it here for those who have not read it. On the eve of the Feast of the Holy Mother of God (New Year’s Eve) of 2007, I sensed the presence of Our Lady in my room and heard in my heart the words:

This is the Year of The Unfolding

Those words were followed in the spring of 2008 by these:

Very quickly now.

The sense was that events around the world were going to unfold very rapidly. I saw, as it were, three “orders” collapse, one upon the other like dominoes:

The economy, then the social, then the political order.

In the autumn of 2008, as we all know, the financial “bubble” burst, and economies built on illusions began to crumble, and continue to. All the talk in the mainstream media of “recovery” is nothing but sheer nonsense, if not propaganda. The only reason that the world’s economy has not completely cratered is that nations are printing money out of thin air.

“We are in a world that is dangerously unanchored,” said William White, the Swiss-based chairman of the OECD’s Review Committee… He said the global elastic has been stretched even further than it was in 2008 on the eve of the Great Recession. The excesses have reached almost every corner of the globe… “We are holding a tiger by the tail.” — “Central bank prophet fears QE warfare pushing world financial system out of control”, January 20th, 2015;

That is to say that what began in 2008 continues to unfold.



There are only a handful of books that my spiritual director has asked me to read over the years and The Harbinger was one of them. It’s author, Jonathan Cahn, makes a compelling case that the attacks of 9/11, the collapse of 2008 and the pattern of biblical “jubilees”, which occur every seven years, are providing a warning to this generation of impending judgment in the absence of repentance. Cahn draws from several Scriptures that show a pattern leading up to judgment that remarkably follows a pattern unfolding today, particularly in the United States.

I find confirmation in Cahn’s work for two reasons in particular: one is the significance of the United States in these times that I wrote about in Mystery Babylon and The Fall of Mystery Babylon. The second is that it is now seven years since I heard Our Lady speak of 2008 as the Year of the Unfolding. And Cahn believes that this coming jubilee, or “shemitah” as the Jews call it, is significant.

The reason, he says, is that these seven year cycles have, in the past, been connected to major events ‘including the rise of America to superpower status, World Wars I and II, the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland, the Six-Day War, etc… He also noted a pattern of judgments at seven-year intervals in September 2001 and 2008 marked by the greatest crashes in Wall Street history, up to that time. The first occurred on Sept. 17, 2001, just a few days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and the second occurred on Sept. 29, 2008. Both occurred on the biblical day of Elul 29, the very day appointed to wipe out the financial accounts of a nation. The next one occurs on Sept. 13, 2015.’ [2]cf. “The Shemitah Unraveled: What 2015-2016 Could Bring”, March 10th, 2015;

In that regard, Cahn has issued a warning without glueing himself to dates.

Whether it comes in this time parameter of the Shemitah or the year following or not, I believe a great shaking is going to come to this land and to the world that will involve the collapsing of the American economy … and the removal of its blessings and prosperity… The shaking doesn’t have to take place in the Shemitah (year), but I believe we need to be ready. —”The Shemitah Unraveled: What 2015-2016 Could Bring”, March 10th, 2015;

But one doesn’t have to be a prophet to recognize that the world is beset by serious instability at this time, most especially economically (see 2014 and the Rising Beast).



On top of all this, Pope Francis declared an “extraordinary” Jubilee year starting this December. [3]cf. Opening Wide the Doors of Mercy In the Old Testament, the jubilee (and it’s debated whether it occurred in the seventh year, or following it) was intended to be a time when debts were released, slaves were set free, and the land would rest. It was essentially a time of mercy.

As the world creaks under the weight of its sins, Francis’ declaration of a Year of Mercy at this hour has not been lost on those who are aware of St. Faustina’s writings where Jesus declares:

…before I come as a just Judge, I first open wide the door of My mercy. He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice… I am prolonging the time of mercy for the sake of [sinners]…. Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary of St. Faustina, n. 1146, 1160

Pope Francis acknowledged that we are indeed living at this moment in a time of mercy.

…hear the voice of the Spirit speaking to the whole Church of our time, which is the time of mercy. I am sure of this. —POPE FRANCIS, Vatican City, March 6th, 2014,

There are several other writings of mine converging at this moment as well. I wish to draw them together as simply as possible because they all point to a divine “jubilee”, as I’ll explain. I am not suggesting that they are going to occur in the aforementioned time frame, but nonetheless, perhaps all of this is preparation for these coming events that seem to point toward a great liberation of souls…



I have written about a coming “Illumination of Conscience” or “warning” or “mini-judgment” or “great shaking.” They all mean essentially the same thing, as confirmed by several mystics and saints in the Church:

I pronounced a great day… wherein the terrible Judge should reveal all men’s consciences and try every man of each kind of religion. This is the day of change, this is the Great Day which I threatened, comfortable to the well-being, and terrible to all heretics. —St. Edmund Campion, Cobett’s Complete Collection of State Trials, Vol. I, p. 1063.

St. Faustina experienced this “illumination” herself:

Suddenly I saw the complete condition of my soul as God sees it. I could clearly see all that is displeasing to God. I did not know that even the smallest transgressions will have to be accounted for. What a moment! Who can describe it? To stand before the Thrice-Holy-God!—St. Faustina; Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n.36

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769-1837), known and respected by popes for her astoundingly accurate visions, also spoke of such an event.

She indicated that this illumination of conscience would result in the saving of many souls because many would repent as a result of this “warning”… this miracle of “self-illumination.” —Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi in Antichrist and the End Times, P. 36

In the approved messages to Elizabeth Kindelmann, Our Lady says:

It will be the Great Miracle of light blinding Satan… The torrential flood of blessings about to jolt the world must begin with the small number of the most humble souls. Our Lady to

And more recently, Servant of God Maria Esperanza (1928-2004) said,

The consciences of this beloved people must be violently shaken so that they may “put their house in order”… A great moment is approaching, a great day of light… it is the hour of decision for mankind. —Ibid, P. 37 (Volumne 15-n.2, Featured Article from

As I wrote in The Seven Seals of Revolution regarding the sixth chapter of the Book of Revelation, following the collapse of world peace (second seal) and the economy (third seal), etc. there comes what sounds very much like a “great shaking” of consciences in the sixth seal after a “great earthquake”:

They cried out to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb, because the great day of their wrath has come and who can withstand it?” (Rev 6:12-17)

Now, here is where a “jubilee” and the Illumination begin to come together. In Revelation 12, we read of an event where St. Michael the Archangel casts out of the “heavens” the dragon. [4]cf. Rev 12:7-9 It is an exorcism of Satan. [5]cf. Exorcism of the Dragon But St. John’s vision is not referring to the ancient expulsion of Lucifer from Heaven, for the context is clearly with regard to the age of those who “bear witness to Jesus” [6]cf. Rev 12:17. Rather, “heaven” likely refers to a spiritual realm over the earth—the firmament or heavens (cf. Gen 1:1):

For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens. (Eph 6:12 NAB)

Here, St. John seems to be speaking of an incredible breaking of Satan’s power over the world. For if we are speaking of an “illumination” of consciences, what does light do when it comes? It scatters the darkness. I believe we are going to see incredible healings, powerful deliverances, huge awakenings, and profound repentance as an ocean of mercy washes over the world—as the door of mercy is opened wide. [7]cf. Opening Wide the Doors of Mercy In other words, what Matthew wrote in his Gospel:

“…the people who sit in darkness have seen a great light, on those dwelling in a land overshadowed by death, light has arisen.” From that time on, Jesus began to preach and say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matt 4:16-17)

The culture of death will see a great light, the light of truth, and from that time on there will be a great evangelization resulting in a great liberation of many, many souls. Indeed, next St. John sees the marking of foreheads with the “seal of the living God.” It’s as though this great shaking is the last opportunity to choose sides, which is why, perhaps, we read that the seventh seal is a kind of divine pause [8]cf. Rev 8:1 — the “eye of the Storm” passing over the world before the last half of divine judgment.



This rescue, this “jubilee of mercy”, is what I believe you, dear reader, are being prepared for—whenever it comes. I want to repeat a powerful word that came to me five years ago while I was with my spiritual director: [9]cf. Hope is Dawning

Little ones, do not think that because you, the remnant, are small in number means that you are special. Rather, you are chosen. You are chosen to bring the Good News to the world at the appointed hour. This is the Triumph for which my Heart awaits with great anticipation. All is set now. All is in motion. The hand of my Son is ready to move in the most sovereign way. Pay careful attention to my voice. I am preparing you, my little ones, for this Great Hour of Mercy. Jesus is com ing, coming as Light, to awaken souls steeped in darkness. For the darkness is great, but the Light is far greater. When Jesus comes, much will come to light, and the darkness will be scattered. It is then that you will be sent, like the Apostles of old, to gather souls into my Motherly garments. Wait. All is ready. Watch and pray. Never lose hope, for God loves everyone.

Think too of those words given at Rome in the presence of Paul VI in St. Peter’s Square on Pentecost Monday of May, 1975: [10]cf. The Prophecy at Rome

A time of darkness is coming on the world, but a time of glory is coming for my Church, a time of glory is coming for my people. I will pour out on you all the gifts of my Spirit. I will prepare you for spiritual combat; I will prepare you for a time of evangelism that the world has never seen…. —given by Ralph Martin

Is this why, after the excorism of the dragon, St. John hears a loud voice in Heaven cry out…

Now have salvation and power come, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Anointed. For the accuser of our brothers is cast out, who accuses them before our God day and night… (Rev 12:10)

But as you read on in that chapter, you’ll see that, while Satan’s power is broken, it is not chained—yet. [11]The chaining of Satan for an era of peace occurs in Rev 20:1-3 after the death of “the beast”. Instead, it is concentrated in “the beast.” This is why it is perhaps very appropriate to say that the coming Illumination is a “warning”—the Storm is not over.

But as a warning, for a short time they were terrorized, though they had a sign of salvation, to remind them of the precept of your law. For the one who turned toward it was saved… (Wis 16:6-7)

As an important sidenote, if Medjugorje [12]cf. On Medjugorje is authentic—and the Vatican continues to discern it—the “secrets” of the alleged seers seems related to the above as well. I quote again here the interview of American attorney Jan Connell with alleged seer, Mirjana:

Concerning this century, is it true that the Blessed Mother related a dialogue to you between God and the devil? In it… God allowed the devil one century in which to exercise extended power, and the devil chose these very times.

The visionary answered “Yes”, citing as proof the great divisions we see particularly among families today. Connell asks:

J: Will the fulfillment of the secrets of Medjugorje break the power of Satan?

M: Yes.

J: How?

M: That is part of the secrets.

J: Can you tell us anything [regarding the secrets]?

M: There will be events on the earth as warning to the world before the visible sign is given to humanity.

J: Will these happen in your lifetime?

M: Yes, I will be a witness to them. —p. 23, 21; Queen of the Cosmos (Paraclete Press, 2005, Revised Edition)

The Hour of Medjugorje when the secrets are revealed, then, may also be drawing nearer.



Brothers and sisters, as I wrote this morning in the Now Word, [13]cf. God’s Timing the essential thing is to live in the present moment, faithfully and attentively, so that God can do in us everything He wants to. My intention above is not to speculate on a time-frame, but to simply underscore the convergence of many prophetic words (see also Opening Wide the Doors of Mercy to read how Fatima and Pope Leo XIII’s vision are converging at this hour also). All these things could simply mean that we are entering a period of time whose limits are known to God alone. You know, I used to panic for the first five years of this writing apostolate, terrified that I would mislead my readers, terrified that the words coming to me were delusional. Then one day my spiritual director said to me, “Look, you’re already a fool for Christ. If you’re wrong, then you’ll be a fool for Christ with egg on your face.” I can live with that. I can’t live with being silent when the Lord has asked me to speak.

Certainly, one could say that another “sign of the times” is the exponentially increasing sense among the faithful (and even unbelievers) that we are headed toward great upheaval. The coming Jubilee may very well come and go like any other year. However, economists, war strategists, those following infectious diseases, the rise of ISIS, the power shift to China, the military muscle of Russia, and the war against freedom in the Western world… seem to paint a picture that looks an awful lot like the breaking open of the seals of Revelation. [14]cf. Seven Seals of Revolution

And the sixth seal has to be opened at some point…



Thanks for your prayers and support.



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