The Breaking Point


Many false prophets will arise and deceive many;
and because of the increase of evildoing,
the love of many will grow cold.
(Matt 24:11-12)


I REACHED a breaking point last week. Everywhere I turned, I saw nothing but humans ready to tear one another apart. The ideological divide between people has become an abyss. I truly fear that some may not be able to cross over as they have become utterly entrenched in globalist propaganda (see The Two Camps). Some people have reached an astonishing point where anyone who questions the government narrative (whether it’s “global warming”, “the pandemic”, etc.) is deemed to literally be killing everyone else. For instance, one person blamed me for the deaths in Maui recently because I presented another point of view on climate change. Last year I was called a “murderer” for warning about the now unquestionable dangers of mRNA injections or exposing the true science on masking. It’s all led me to ponder those ominous words of Christ…

…the hour is coming when everyone who kills you will think he is offering worship to God. (John 16:1:2)

And yet, I realize that many of these people have become trapped in deliberate, systematic, and prolonged “programming” through the media. They have been steadily formed to believe that even questioning the safety of new vaccines or the dogma of climate change is a social sin. It’s become a veritable religion. And this has led our collective societies to a point of dangerous manipulation where complete control is devolving into the hands of literally a handful of wealthy “philanthropists” and banking families under the guise of “health care” and the “common good.” Anyone who raises the alarm is de facto a “conspiracy theorist” — even when we point out that this growing global dictatorship appears in their own words

The other night, I was drawn to watch a documentary on the Hungarian survivors of Hitler’s holocaust. A number of them admitted that they would not believe the numerous warnings of Hitler’s true intentions, even as Nazi soldiers walked their streets. I wrote about this in Our 1942. Once again, the words of Canadian prophet Michael D. O’Brien are ringing in my ears:

It is in the nature of secular messianists to believe that if mankind will not cooperate, then mankind must be forced to cooperate—for its own good, of course… The new messianists, in seeking to transform mankind into a collective being disconnected from his Creator, will unknowingly bring about the destruction of the greater portion of mankind. They will unleash unprecedented horrors: famines, plagues, wars, and ultimately Divine Justice. In the beginning they will use coercion to further reduce population, and then if that fails they will use force. —Michael D. O’Brien, Globalization and the New World Order, March 17th, 2009

From the first day the Alberta wildfires broke out this spring before the snow had completely melted or there had even been a thunderstorm, I knew something was wrong. While the media called it “climate change,” in reality the fires in GreeceQuebecAlbertaNova ScotiaYellowknifeItaly and elsewhere have been connected in large part to arson and mismanagement. The fires that devastated Maui, a historically dry region, come down to what appears to be deliberate incompetence and callous disregard for human life as questions continue on the odd nature of the disaster.[1]cf. 

The strange and common mantra of these global leaders, singing in one chorus, is that we need to “build back better” through a “Great Reset.”[2]cf. The Great Reset You cannot build back, however, unless you tear it all down first.

You are aware indeed, that the goal of this most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this Socialism and Communism… —POPE PIUS IX, Nostis et Nobiscum, Encyclical, n. 18, DECEMBER 8, 1849

…the order of the world is shaken. (Psalm 82:5)

So something in me snapped last week. I got into my tractor and drove off into the field, tears streaming down my cheek and yelling at the top of my lungs:

I get it, God! I get why you “regretted making human beings on the earth” and why your “heart was grieved” (Gen 6:6). I get why you are telling us that the Day of Justice must come. I understand why your Mother is weeping around the world. But I also know that you love every single person more than I ever could because you are Mercy itself. I know that you are “slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity” (Exodus 34:6). But Lord God — help us! Jesus help us! Come Lord Jesus!……..

The next morning, I read the Gospel for the day:

O faithless and perverse generation, how long will I be with you? How long will I endure you? (Matt 17:17)

I have been immersed in this apostolate of warning for some 18 years now. Aside from being exhausted like Jeremiah,[3]Jeremiah 20:8: “Whenever I speak, I must cry out, violence and outrage I proclaim; the word of the LORD has brought me reproach and derision all day long.” I see everything I have written under obedience unfolding before my eyes — everything. But I am also cognizant that God restrains evil time and again and that one year can quickly meld into the next, one decade into another. But with the explosion of evil in recent months and what is emerging as a clearly antichrist agenda, are we — or more specifically, God — at a “breaking point”?


October Warnings

Myself and colleague Prof. Daniel O’Connor recently spoke about an “October Convergence” of potentially major events, in part, based on two seers who speak of this coming October 2023 as pivotal (watch October Convergence). Again, all the usual caveats: when there are such specific timelines like this, one has to put Prophecy in PerspectiveBut I have heard from other watchmen that, they too, have a sense about this Fall.

And then I received an email from a reader who had spoken with Sondra Abrahams. This is a woman I have spoken of here before. She died in 1970 on the operating table and was taken by Our Lord to see Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory before coming back to life.[4]Watch her testimony here She was also given visions of the future that echo much of the devastation that Luisa Piccarreta describes in her diaries. Notably, Sondra also sees angels and demons and, occasionally, white “angel feathers” manifest out of thin air. Sounds crazy, right? But this happened right in front of me once in a private meeting, and I have no way to explain it other than it was either a manifestation from Heaven — or the other side (read On Angel’s Wings). 

My reader shared her conversation with Sondra:

She said to tell people to pray, to have all your sacramentals, including Holy Water and Blessed Salt ready, and to prepare for war and darkness coming in October. She said it will be chaotic and really bad. —letter, August 9, 2023

I decided to call Sondra myself. I arranged an interview with her later that day. Well, we ran into every possible technical glitch on both her end and mine. Finally, we got our cameras working and we spoke for an hour. After she hung up, I checked the recording, and there was no audio. Go figure. 

I may attempt an interview again in the future, but Sondra is now in her 80’s and technology is not her thing. But this is what she conveyed to me. Jesus showed her that fire would come from the sky and notably, fire would come up from the earth. When she asked Him to explain this, He said He would at a later time.[5]Volcanic activity? A new weapon? Some people in Maui reported fire seemingly coming from the ground… Sondra also spoke of war again (in February 2022, Sondra told the person who emailed me that people should pray “because of potential worldwide nuclear war”) and that there would be serious problems at the Vatican. She also said that she thought these things would take place after she passed away but that Jesus said, “No, you are going to live to see them.” 

I am not a fan of specific predictions like this; most fail. And yet, is there something about this October (anniversary of the Fatima apparitions)?


A Fiery Dream

I have only had a handful of dreams in my life that I would call “prophetic”. I have shared some of them here, most importantly, my dream of the period of the Antichrist that came to me at the very beginning of my ministry, some 30 years ago.[6]cf. Our Lady: Prepare – Part III I am seeing that dream more literal now by the hour.

I also shared a remarkable dream from April 2020.[7]cf. The Millstone I have no idea if it is connected to anything you’ve just read. But I saw from earth a huge, black and round planetary-like object approaching in space that suddenly began to break up and hail down fireballs. I was then transported outside of our orbit where I saw all the planets in rotation and watched as this same huge celestial object approached, chunks of it breaking off and meteors falling to the earth as it passed by. I have never seen anything so incredible, so stunning, and it remains vivid even now in my mind’s eye. 

But then a couple of days ago, I had another dream that left me breathless. I was standing in a house in a town and could see that outside the air was dark and perturbed. I came to the window and saw an enormous flaming ball of fire, a meteor hurtling in the atmosphere toward our neighborhood. It was far away, moving slowly, but was visible because it was so massive. My family and I laid down on the floor and we began to pray. I started to beg the Lord to forgive me for all my sins, asking Him to pardon me for every wrong in my life as I prepared to meet Him face to Face. I glanced up and could practically see the flames approaching our window. I braced.

And then, suddenly, the fury was gone. I got up and looked outside. The earth was scorched but our home was untouched. I was filled with wonder and exclaimed, “This home is a refuge! This is a refuge!” I looked outside behind the house and could see many homes destroyed, but others that weren’t. Then the promise Jesus made Luisa came to mind of those who pray His Hours of the Passion:

Oh, how I would Love it if only one soul in every town were to make these Hours of My Passion! I would feel My Own Presence in each town, and My Justice, greatly disdained in these times, would be placated in part. —Jesus to Luisa, October 1914, Volume 11

And I woke up.

I was left with a profound sense of God’s providence and protection that will be given to the faithful who, without it in these times, will not survive. And to those who are called home, God will likewise give grace for those who put their trust in Him. As I was writing this, I came across a message that Jesus gave to the American seer, Jennifer. I thought of both Maui and my dream… 

My child, Be prepared! Be prepared! Be prepared! Take heed to My words, for as the time begins to close in, the attacks that will be unleashed by Satan will be at unprecedented proportions. Diseases will come forth and culminate My people, and your homes will be a safe haven until My angels guide you to your place of refuge. The days of blackened cities is coming forth. You, My child, have been given a great mission… for the boxcars will come forth: Storm after storm; war will break out, and many will stand before Me. This world will be brought to its knees in the blink of an eye. Now go forth for I am Jesus, and be at peace, for all will be done according to My will. —February 23rd, 2007


The Breaking Point

One day, Jesus said to Luisa:

My daughter, let us pray together. There are certain sad times in which my Justice, unable to contain Itself because of the evils of creatures, would want to flood the earth with new scourges; and so prayer in My Will is necessary, which, extending over all, places itself as defence of the creatures, and with its power, prevents my Justice from approaching the creature to strike her. —July 1st, 1942, Volume 17

Here, Our Lord is explicitly telling us that praying “in My Will” can “prevent” Justice from striking the creature (for those who are new to this terminology, I explain here: How to Live in the Divine Will.) Clearly, it is not God Himself but His justice that reaches a breaking point. For…

He does not faint or grow weary, his understanding is unsearchable. (Isaiah 40:28)

But He does grow angry,[8]cf. The Wrath of God justifiably so, even if He is “slow” to it. In 1973, Sr. Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa of Akita, Japan received the following messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary while praying in the convent chapel:  

In order that the world might know His anger, the Heavenly Father is preparing to inflict a great chastisement on all mankind. With my Son I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father. I have prevented the coming of calamities by offering Him the sufferings of the Son on the Cross, His Precious Blood, and beloved souls who console Him forming a cohort of victim souls. Prayer, penance and courageous sacrifices can soften the Father’s anger. —August 3, 1973,

As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. —October 13th, 1973 

Is this latter message of “fire” related to what you’ve read above? I don’t know; given its severity, I suspect not — not yet. And is it fire from space or fire from man’s weaponry? All I know is that Our Lord and Our Lady have repeatedly told us that, on the one hand, difficult trials await us; on the other, those with faith should not be afraid. 

Italian seer Angela recently saw a vision of the world shrouded in a large gray cloud; scenes of war and violence were visible; churches and tabernacles were empty, seemingly robbed. But Our Lady said:

My dear children, pray and do not lose your peace; do not let yourselves be frightened by the snares of the prince of this world. Follow me, children, follow me on the path that I have been pointing out to you for a long time. Do not fear, dearly beloved children: I am beside you and will never leave you. Our Lady of Zaro to Angela, August 8, 2023

My children, if I tell you this, it is to prepare you, not to frighten you, so that in the moment of battle you would be ready with the Holy Rosary clasped in your fist, with firm faith. Our Lady of Zaro to Simona, August 8, 2023


The Great Storm

There is one last thought I want to share with you on that “now word” the Lord gave me some 18 years ago:

There is a Great Storm coming upon the earth like a hurricane.

Then several days later, as I read Chapter 6 of Revelation, I heard clearly in my heart: This IS the Great Storm. That led to The Timeline image that we have posted at Countdown to the Kingdom with explanations. In the years following, I went out of my way not to be too literal.

But recently, as I see all of those seals of Revelation Ch. 6 about to burst open upon the entire world, I can’t help but feel that perhaps this Storm is going to unfold exactly like St. John saw them, one opening after another like a domino effect (see Brace for Impact). 

Is this coming October perhaps that “definitive” moment where the second seal of war begins great tribulations? We shall see. But more important is what we ought to be doing now. We should make sure we have taken repentance seriously and that we are in a state of grace. And we have to become a brighter light in the darkness for those around us. I wrote What Can I Do? that gives 5 practical ways to form that “cohort of victim souls” who stand in the gap for all those who have fallen away or who are asleep

While I remain cautious of these October predictions, I do believe that humanity has run out of time… 

Trust. In. Jesus.


Give glory to the Lord, your God, before it grows dark;
before your feet stumble on darkening mountains;
before the light you look for turns to darkness,
changes into black clouds.
If you do not listen to this in your pride,
I will weep in secret many tears;
my eyes will run with tears for the Lord’s flock,
led away to exile.
(Jer 13:16-17) 

Note: after reading this reflection, several readers told me to check out the daily Mass readings for October 13th, 2023 — the anniversary of the Fatima apparitions that warned of everything in the first place:

Gird yourselves and weep, O priests!
    wail, O ministers of the altar!
Come, spend the night in sackcloth,
    O ministers of my God!
The house of your God is deprived
    of offering and libation.
Proclaim a fast,
    call an assembly;
Gather the elders,
    all who dwell in the land,
Into the house of the LORD, your God,
    and cry to the LORD!

Alas, the day!
    for near is the day of the LORD,
    and it comes as ruin from the Almighty.

Blow the trumpet in Zion,
    sound the alarm on my holy mountain!
Let all who dwell in the land tremble,
    for the day of the LORD is coming;
Yes, it is near, a day of darkness and of gloom,
    a day of clouds and somberness!
Like dawn spreading over the mountains,
    a people numerous and mighty!
Their like has not been from of old,
    nor will it be after them,
    even to the years of distant generations.
(Joel 1:13-15; 2:1-2)

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3 Jeremiah 20:8: “Whenever I speak, I must cry out, violence and outrage I proclaim; the word of the LORD has brought me reproach and derision all day long.”
4 Watch her testimony here
5 Volcanic activity? A new weapon? Some people in Maui reported fire seemingly coming from the ground…
6 cf. Our Lady: Prepare – Part III
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