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SEVERAL new readers are asking questions on the pandemic—on the science, the morality of lockdowns, mandatory masking, church closures, vaccines and more. So the following is a summary of key articles related to the pandemic to help you form your conscience, to educate your families, to give you ammunition and courage to approach your politicians and support your bishops and priests, who are under immense pressure. Any way you cut it, you’re going to have to make unpopular choices today as the Church enters deeper into her Passion as each day passes by. Don’t be intimidated either by the censors, “fact-checkers” or even family who try to bully you into the powerful narrative drummed out each minute and hour on the radio, television, and social media.



One of the reasons I have taken on the issue of mandatory masks is to show how far our politicians, clergymen, media, and in fact, the entire business sector have drifted from the actual science and studies on this subject. To force people to wear a mask all day long in their workplace, schools, and parishes has consequences that are being completely ignored. To force them to wear masks, when study after study shows that they are incapable of stopping such a small virus, goes to show how easily populations can be manipulated and coerced in the most nonsensical ways. Worse, some people are equating their masks to a halo, proving their “charity” and “virtue” in making such a “small” sacrifice, thus creating imaginary divisions between those who “care” and those who don’t. On the contrary, as dozens of peer-reviewed published studies show over and over again, mandatory mask wearing has made little difference, may actually spread the virus faster, is causing real health problems, and even emotional consequences. But don’t take my word for it:

• To read the wealth of studies up until March 2021 on the effectiveness of masks, read Unmasking the Facts — one of the most exhaustive articles you’ll find on this subject. 

• To read the spiritual consequences of masking our faces, read Unmasking the Plan



• Many readers are asking if they are morally obligated to take the new experimental vaccines for the recent coronavirus, especially since babies were aborted in order to use their cells in their creation, and especially since the Pope seemed to be suggesting so. Educate yourself by reading: To Vax or Not to Vax? and especially how the science confirms that it is Not a Moral Obligation.

• Imagine creating a product that you can make a profit of 20:1 on your investment; that you can convince every person on the planet to have; that you can inject directly into their blood stream, and if something goes wrong, you can’t be held liable. Sound like the perfect investment? Vaccines are not a free public health service; they are a trillion dollar corporate industry. Do you think it’s a reasonable question, then, to ask whether or not these products are safe, what are their track records, how well they are tested, etc.? But even this question will earn you the title of “anti-vaxxer”, “anti-science”, “conspiracy theorist”, etc. Well, that’s when you know you are asking the right questions. Read how politics, media, and science have sold out to one of the most profitable corporate sectors in the world in The Pandemic of Control

• What do vaccines have to do with Freemasonry and population control, if anything? Read The Caduceus Key

• What about these new experimental mRNA vaccines, and should one be concerned? Read the grave warnings from top level scientists: The Caduceus Key and Not Herod’s Way and Grave Warnings – Part I and Part II.



• Locking down healthy populations, closing businesses indefinitely, shuttering churches, etc. have had catastrophic consequences that neither politicians nor clergymen are addressing. Read how this unprecedented health measure is killing far more people than COVID-19 can or ever will in When I was Hungry and Dear Shepherds… Where Are You? 

• How politicians have begun announcing that “COVID-19” and “climate change” are going to be used to “reset” the global economy and usher in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” — a neo-Communist system that will be the “new normal.” Read The Great Reset and Pope Francis and the Great Reset and The New Paganism.

• Read how Scripture, prophecy and the popes have warned of this resurgence of Communism in When Communism Returns and Isaiah’s Prophecy of Global Communism.



• What do the current trends in science have to do with this or any Catholic apostolate? Read Why Talk About Science? and The Religion of Scientism.

• How the popes warned that science is being used as an instrument of the “culture of death.” Read Our 1942 and Not Herod’s Way



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