New Holiness… or New Heresy?



FROM a reader in response to my writing on The Coming New and Divine Holiness:

Jesus Christ is the greatest Gift of all, and the good news is He is with us right now in all His fullness and power through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom of God is now within the hearts of those who have been born again… now is the day of salvation. Right now, we, the redeemed are the sons of God and will be made manifest at the appointed time… we don’t need to wait on any so called secrets of some alleged apparition to be fulfilled or Luisa Picarretta’s understanding of Living in the Divine Will in order for us to be made perfect…


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The Coming New and Divine Holiness



GOD wishes to do something in mankind that He has never done before, save for a few individuals, and that is to give the gift of Himself so completely to His Bride, that she begins to live and move and have her being in a completely new mode.

He wishes to give the Church the “sanctity of sanctities.”


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The Rising Morning Star


Jesus said, “My kingdom does not belong to this world” (Jn 18:36). Why, then, are many Christians today looking to politicians to restore all things in Christ? Only through Christ’s coming will His kingdom be established in the hearts of those who are waiting, and they in turn, will renew humanity through the power of the Holy Spirit. Look to the East, dear brothers and sisters, and no where else…. for He is coming. 


MISSING from nearly all Protestant prophecy is what we Catholics call the “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.” That’s because Evangelical Christians almost universally omit the intrinsic role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in salvation history beyond Christ’s birth—something Scripture itself does not even do. Her role, designated from the very beginning of creation, is closely linked to that of the Church, and like the Church, is oriented entirely toward the glorification of Jesus in the Holy Trinity.

As you will read, the “Flame of Love” of her Immaculate Heart is the rising morning star that will have the dual purpose of crushing Satan and establishing the reign of Christ on earth, as it is in Heaven…


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The New Gideon


DAWN expels the night. Spring follows the Winter. Resurrection proceeds from the tomb. These are allegories for the Storm that has come to the Church and the world. For all will appear as though lost; the Church will seem utterly defeated; evil will exhaust itself in the darkness of sin. But it is precisely in this night that Our Lady, as the “Star of the New Evangelization”, is presently leading us toward the dawn when the Sun of Justice will rise upon a new Era. She is preparing us for the Flame of Love, the coming light of her Son…


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More on the Flame of Love




ACCORDING to Our Lady, there is a “blessing” coming upon the Church, the “Flame of Love” of her Immaculate Heart, according to the approved revelations of Elizabeth Kindelmann (read The Convergence and the Blessing). I want to continue to unfold in the days ahead the significance of this grace in Scripture, prophetic revelations, and the teaching of the Magisterium.



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The Convergence and the Blessing

Sunset in the eye of a hurricane



Moving forward from my series “Where Heaven Touches Earth,” I feel it is time to speak directly, boldly, and without apology to the “remnant” who are listening. And I repeat, it is only a remnant of readers now, not because they are special, but chosen; it is a remnant, not because all are not invited, but few respond… much like the parable of the wedding banquet where invitations go out, but people are too busy, too pre-occupied, or indifferent to respond. It is clear from the letters I received, that many of you not only understood, but experienced the graces that I too received during my time in Mexico, while others simply hit “Unsubscribe.” Make no mistake: that is Our Lady calling, and now, preparing you who are listening to receive “the blessing” that is here and coming. Remember the parable of the ten virgins. Only five of them prepared the oil of their lamps so when it was time to light the Flamethey were ready. And so, the next several writings are going to explain to you not only the incredible Grace that is coming, but its context in these times. We can no longer be complacent about our conversion, lukewarm about our lives, hesitant about our holiness… the time is now. And I say this with great joy. Because I know that the light flooding my own soul, revealing the depths of my misery, is in order to empty me of self-love so that I may be filled with Jesus, the Flame of Love. BE NOT AFRAID! So these last moments in this time of grace, this time of mercy, are to be spent preparing with joy and hope, even if they coincide with the tears of repentance. Let those tears wash, renew, and water the soil of your heart so that the seeds of these following writings may take deep root in your lives. Jesus is coming… will you be ready?

Even if you have read the next few writings, I am convinced that you will experience new light, grace, and wisdom as I have, especially since my last series on Mexico.  


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Where Heaven Touches Earth




IT was to be our last Mass at the Monastery before my daughter and I would fly back to Canada. I opened my missalette to August 29th, the Memorial of The Passion of Saint John the Baptist. My thoughts drifted back to several years ago when, while praying before the Blessed Sacrament in my spiritual director’s chapel, I heard in my heart the words, “I am giving you the ministry of John the Baptist.” (Perhaps this is why I sensed Our Lady call me by the strange nickname “Juanito” during this trip. But let’s remember what happened to John the Baptist in the end…)


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Where Heaven Touches Earth


img_1525Our Lady on Mount Tabor, Mexico


God reveals Himself to those who wait for that revelation,
and who don’t try to tear at the hem of a mystery, forcing disclosure.

—Servant of God, Catherine de Hueck Doherty


MY days on Mount Tabor were drawing to a close, and yet, I knew there was more “light” to come. Read more… »

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On the Divorced and Remarried



THE confusion these days stemming from the Synod on the Family, and the subsequent Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, is reaching a bit of a feverish pitch as theologians, pundits, and bloggers go back and forth. But the bottom line is this: Amoris Laetitia can only be interpreted in one way: through the lens of Sacred Tradition.


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Where Heaven Touches Earth


agnesadorationSr. Agnes praying before Jesus on Mount Tabor, Mexico.
She would receive her white veil two weeks later.


IT was a Saturday afternoon Mass, and “interior lights” and graces continued to fall like a gentle rain. That’s when I caught her out of the corner of my eye: Mother Lillie. She had driven in from San Diego to meet these Canadians who had come to build The Table of Mercy—the soup kitchen.


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Be Merciful to Yourself



BEFORE I continue my series on Where Heaven Touches Earth, there is a serious question that must be asked. How can you love others “to the last drop” if you have not encountered Jesus loving you in this way? The answer is that it is nearly impossible. It is precisely the encounter of Jesus’ mercy and unconditional love for you, in your brokenness and sin, that teaches you how to love not only your neighbour, but yourself. So many have trained themselves to instinctively self-loathe. Read more… »

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Where Heaven Touches Earth


img_0134Cross atop Mount Tabor


DURING Adoration, which followed every daily Mass (and remained perpetual in the various chapels throughout the monastery), the words rose up in my soul:

Love to the last drop of blood.


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