Defeating the Spirit of Fear

  “FEAR is not a good counsellor.” Those words from French Bishop Marc Aillet have echoed in my heart all week. For everywhere I turn, I meet people who are no longer thinking and acting rationally; who cannot see the contradictions in front of their noses; who have handed to their unelected “chief medical officers” […]

Faith, Not Fear

  AS the world becomes more unstable and the times more uncertain, people are looking for answers. Some of those answers are found at Countdown to the Kingdom where “Heaven’s Messages” are being provided for the faithful’s discernment. While this has borne many good fruits, some people are also afraid.

Video – Fear Not!

  THE messages we posted on Countdown to the Kingdom today, when sitting side by side, tell a stunning story of the times we are living. These are words from seers from three different continents. To read them, just click on the image above or go to

Fear Not!

Against the Wind, by Liz Lemon Swindle, 2003   WE have entered the decisive struggle with the powers of darkness. I wrote in When the Stars Fall how the popes believe we are living the hour of Revelation 12, but especially verse four, where the devil sweeps to the earth a “third of the stars of heaven.” These “fallen stars,” […]

The Storm of Fear

  IT can be almost fruitless to speak of how to battle against the storms of temptation, division, confusion, oppression, and such unless we have an unshakable confidence in God’s love for us. That is the context for not only this discussion, but for the entire Gospel.

Fear, Fire, and a “Rescue”?

THE NOW WORD ON MASS READINGS for May 6th, 2016 Liturgical texts here Wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta (photo CBC)   SEVERAL of you have written asking if our family is okay, given the huge wildfire in northern Canada in and around Fort McMurray, Alberta. The fire is about 800km away… but the smoke darkening […]

Conquering Fear In Our Times

  Fifth Joyful Mystery: The Finding in the Temple, by Michael D. O’Brien.   LAST week, the Holy Father sent 29 newly ordained priests into the world asking them to “proclaim and witness to joy.” Yes! We must all continue to witness to others the joy of knowing Jesus. But many Christians do not even […]

Paralyzed by Fear — Part I

Jesus Prays in the Garden, by Gustave Doré,  1832-1883   First published September 27th, 2006. I have updated this writing…   WHAT is this fear that has gripped the Church? In my writing How To Know When a Chastisment is Near, it’s as though the Body of Christ, or at least parts of it, are […]

Follow Jesus Without Fear!

In the face of totalitarianism…    Originally posted May 23, 2006:   A letter from a reader:  I want to voice some concerns about what you write on your site. You keep implying that “The End [of the age] Is Near.” You keep implying that the Antichrist will inevitably come within my lifetime (I am […]

Of Fear and Chastisements

Our Lady of Akita weeping statue (approved apparition)    I RECEIVE letters from time to time from readers who are very upset about the possibility of chastisements coming to the earth. One gentleman recently commented that his girlfriend thought they shouldn’t marry because of the possibility of having a child during coming tribulations.  The answer […]