The Good Death




IT says in Proverbs,

Without a vision the people lose restraint. (Prov 29:18)

In the first days of this Lenten Retreat, then, it is imperative that we have a vision of what it means to be a Christian, the vision of the Gospel. Or, as the prophet Hosea says:

My people perish for want of knowledge! (Hosea 4:6)


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Russia… Our Refuge?

basils_FotorSt. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow


IT came to me last summer like lightning, a bolt out of the blue.

Russia will be a refuge for God’s people.

This was at a time when tensions between Russia and the Ukraine were heightening. And so, I decided to simply sit on this “word” and “watch and pray.” As the days and weeks and now months have rolled by, it seems more and more that this may be a word from beneath la sacré bleu—the sacred blue mantle of Our Lady… that mantle of protection.

For where else in the world, at this time, is Christianity being protected as it is in Russia?


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On Being Faithful



Dear friends, this is not the meditation I had planned for today. However, I have been dealing with one little crisis after another for the past two weeks and, in truth, have been writing these meditations after midnight, averaging only four hours sleep a night the past week. I am exhausted. And so, after putting out several little fires today, I prayed about what to do—and this writing came immediately to mind. It is, for me, one of the most important “words” on my heart this past year, as it has helped me through so many trials by simply reminding myself to “be faithful.” To be certain, this message is an important part of this Lenten Retreat. Thanks for understanding.

I apologize that there is no podcast for today… I’m simply out of gas, as it’s almost 2am. I have an important “word” on Russia that I will publish shortly… something I’ve been praying about since last summer. Thanks for your prayers…


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The Necessity of Faith



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BEFORE I can write further, I sense Our Lady saying that, unless we have faith in God, nothing in our spiritual lives will change. Or as St. Paul put it…

…without faith it is impossible to please Him. For whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. (Heb 11:6)


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Breaking History


corp2303_Fotorby Commander Richard Brehn, NOAA Corps


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WE are living in extraordinary times.

And in the midst of them, here you are. No doubt, you probably feel powerless in the face of the many changes taking place in our world—an insignificant player, a person with little to no impact on the world around you, let alone the course of history. Perhaps you feel as though you are tied to the rope of history and being dragged behind the Great Ship of Time, tossing and turning helplessly in its wake. That, my friend, is precisely what Satan would have you, me, and every Christian believe, and so, lead us into the bondage of fear, anxiety, and self-preservation. Into a spiritually neutered existence. But he knows better. He knows that if you truly understand who you are in Christ, and that if you begin to live in a relationship with God that is authentic, sincere, and total, that you will become like the bow of the Ship. That your life—even if it is lived cloistered in a convent hidden away from the world—will make history in ways that perhaps can only be understood in eternity.


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A Lenten Retreat with Mark



DURING this “retreat” time this past week, the words “Colossians 2:1” flashed in my heart one morning.


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madness2_Fotorby Shawn Van Deale


THERE is no other word to describe what is happening in our world today: madness. Sheer madness. Let us call a spade a spade, or as St. Paul says,

Take no part in the fruitless works of darkness; rather expose them… (Eph 5:11)

…or as St. John Paul II bluntly stated:


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A Tale of Five Popes and a Great Ship


THERE once was a Great Ship that sat in the spiritual harbour of Jerusalem. Its Captain was Peter with eleven Lieutenants at his side. They had been given a Great Commission by their Admiral:


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Your Letters on Pope Francis

Photos courtesy of Reuters


THERE are many emotions sweeping through the Church in these days of confusion and trial. What is of primary importance is that we remain in communion with one another—being patient with, and bearing one another’s burdens—including the Holy Father. We are in a time of sifting, and many do not realize it (see The Testing). It is, I dare say, a time to choose sides. To choose whether we will trust Christ and the teachings of His Church… or to trust in ourselves and our own “calculations”. For Jesus placed Peter at the head of His Church when He gave him the keys of the Kingdom and, three times, instructed Peter: “Tend My sheep.” [1]John 21:17 Thus, the Church teaches:


   [ + ]

1. John 21:17

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On Criticizing the Pope



IS it wrong to criticize the Pope? Theologian, Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi, has answered the question in two documents:



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Pope in a Hurry?

for January 22nd, 2016
Opt. Memorial of St. Vincent
Liturgical texts here


WHEN Jesus came upon Zacchaeus, a tax collecting thief, He asked to dine with him. In an instant, the narrowness of heart of the throngs was revealed. They despised Zacchaeus and scorned Jesus for making such a vague, ambiguous, scandalous gesture. Shouldn’t Zacchaeus be condemned? Isn’t Jesus sending the message that sin is okay? Likewise, Pope Francis’ call to acknowledge, first the dignity of the person and become truly present to others, is perhaps revealing our own narrowness of heart. For we have been firmly told that it is no longer enough to sit at our computers and Facebook nice Catholic links; it is not enough to hide in our rectories between homilies; it is not enough to say “God bless you,” and ignore the wounds, hunger, loneliness and pain of our brothers and sisters. This, at least, is how one Cardinal saw it.


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Striking God’s Anointed One

for January 22nd, 2016
Liturgical texts here

Saul attacking David, Guercino (1591-1666)


THERE is a Scripture that has been in the back of my mind all week, and it so happens that it is today’s first Mass reading. It has everything to do with the often irreverent and crude criticism of Pope Francis, by fellow Catholics, that has emerged in growing force these days.


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