Words and Warnings


IT has been on my heart for several months now to summarize for my readers the personal “words” and “warnings” I feel the Lord has communicated to me in the past decade, and that have shaped and inspired these writings. Everyday, there are several new subscribers coming on board who have no history with the over one thousand writings here. Before I summarize these “inspirations”, it is helpful to repeat what the Church says about “private” revelation:


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To Those in Mortal Sin…


BEFORE the Blessed Sacrament, the Lord communicated a word so powerful, so pregnant with Mercy, that I left the church exhausted…


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The Center of Truth

for Thursday, July 29th, 2015
Memorial of St. Martha

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I often hear both Catholics and Protestants say that our differences really don’t matter; that we believe in Jesus Christ, and that is all that matters. Certainly, we must recognize in this statement the authentic ground of true ecumenism, [1]cf. Authentic Ecumenism which is indeed the confession and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord. As St. John says:


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1. cf. Authentic Ecumenism

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Mere Men

for Thursday, July 23rd, 2015
Opt. Memorial of St. Bridget

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THERE is a crisis coming—and it is already here—for our Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ. It was foretold by Jesus when He said,

…everyone who listens to these words of mine but does not act on them will be like a fool who built his house on sand. The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and buffeted the house. And it collapsed and was completely ruined. (Matt 7:26-27)

That is, whatever is built on sand: those interpretations of Scripture that depart from the Apostolic faith, those heresies and subjective errors that have divided Christ’s Church literally into tens of thousands of denominations—is going to be washed away in this present and coming Storm. In the end, Jesus foretold, “there will be one flock, one shepherd.” [1]cf. John 10:16


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1. cf. John 10:16

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The Glance of God

for Tuesday, July 21st, 2015
Opt. Memorial of St. Lawrence of Brindisi

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WHILE the story of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea has frequently been told in both film and otherwise, a small but significant detail is often left out: the moment when Pharaoh’s army is thrown into chaos—the moment when they are given the “glance of God.”


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Keep Still

for Monday, July 20th, 2015
Opt. Memorial of St. Apollinaris

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THERE wasn’t always enmity between Pharaoh and the Israelites. Remember when Joseph was entrusted by Pharaoh to hand out grain to all of Egypt? At that time, the Israelites were seen as a benefit and blessing to the country.

So too, there was a time when the Church was perceived as a benefit to society, when her charitable works of building hospitals, schools, orphanages, and other charities were welcomed by the State. Moreover, religion was seen as a positive force in society that helped direct not only the conduct of the State, but formed and molded individuals, families, and communities resulting in a more peaceful and just society.


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Come… Be Still!

for Thursday, July 16th, 2015
Opt. Memorial of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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SOMETIMES, in all of the controversies, the questions, and confusion of our times; in all of the moral crises, challenges, and trials we face… there is the risk that the most important thing, or rather, Person gets lost: Jesus. He, and His divine mission, that are at the very center of humanity’s future, can easily be sidelined in the important but secondary issues of our time. In fact, the greatest need facing the Church in this hour is a renewed vigour and urgency in her primary mission: the salvation and sanctification of human souls. For if we save the environment and the planet, the economy and the social order, but neglect to save souls, then we have utterly failed.


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That Pope Francis! …A Short Story


THAT Pope Francis!”

Bill slammed his fist on the table, turning a few heads in the process. Fr. Gabriel smiled wryly. “What now Bill?”

“Splash! Did you hear that?” Kevin quipped, leaning across the table, his hand cupped over his ear. “Another Catholic jumping over the Barque of Peter!”


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The Parallel Deception


THE words were clear, intense, and repeated several times in my heart after Pope Benedict XVI resigned:

You have entered dangerous days…

It was the sense that great confusion was going to come upon the Church and the world. And oh, how the past year and a half has lived up to that word! The Synod, the Supreme Courts’ decisions in several countries, the spontaneous interviews with Pope Francis, the media spins… In fact, my writing apostolate since Benedict resigned has been devoted almost entirely to dealing with fear and confusion, for these are the modes by which the powers of darkness operate. As Archbishop Charles Chaput remarked after the Synod last Fall, “confusion is of the devil.”[1]cf. October 21st, 2014; RNS


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1. cf. October 21st, 2014; RNS

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The Jeremiah Watch


WELL, I should be used to this by now. Whenever the Lord lays strong words on my heart, I am in for a battle—spiritually and materially. For days now, whenever I want to write, it is as though my radar is jammed, and forming a single sentence is nearly impossible. Sometimes it’s because the “word” is not ready to speak yet; other times—and I think this is one of them—it seems as though there is an all out war on my time.


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Keeper of the Storm

for Tuesday, June 30th, 2015
Opt. Memorial of The First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church

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“Peace Be Still” by Arnold Friberg


LAST week, I took some time off to take my family camping, something we rarely get to do. I set aside the Pope’s new encyclical, grabbed a fishing rod, and pushed away from shore. As I floated on the lake in a small boat, the words swam through my mind:

Keeper of the Storm…


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The Hour of Lawlessness


A FEW days ago, an American wrote me in the wake of their Supreme Court’s decision to invent the right to same-sex “marriage”:

I have been weeping on and off a good part of this day… as I attempt to go to sleep I am wondering if you could help me understand just where we are in the timeline of events to come….

There are several thoughts on this that have come to me in the silence of this past week. And they are, in part, an answer to this question…


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