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Mark Mallett in Concert, Winter 2015


Among the reasons why one would have a “heart of stone,” [is that someone] has gone through a “painful experience.” The heart, when it is hardened, is not free and if it is not free it is because it does not love…
—POPE FRANCIS, Homily, Jan. 9th, 2015, Zenit


WHEN I produced my last album, “Vulnerable”, I put together a collection of songs I’ve written that speak of the ‘painful experiences’ that many of us have gone through: death, family breakup, betrayal, loss… and then God’s response to it. It is, for me, one of the most moving albums I’ve created, not only for the content of the words, but also for the incredible emotion that the musicians, backup singers, and orchestra brought to the studio.

And now, I feel it is time to take this album on the road so that many, whose hearts have been hardened by their own painful experiences, can perhaps be softened by the love of Christ. This first tour is through Saskatchewan, Canada this Winter.

There are no tickets or fees, so everyone can come (a free-will offering will be taken up). I hope to meet many of you there…


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Joyful Greetings!

Family Christmas 2014Mallett Family, Christmas 2014



THANK you for every prayer, every letter,
every kind word, every gift this past year.

I am filled with a deep joy and sense of wonder
at the great gift of not only our Savior
but of His Church, which has spread to every nation.


Love and blessings from the Mallett clan
with gratitude and prayers for your joy, peace, and refuge in
Jesus Christ Our Savior.




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Comfort My People


THE words have been on my heart for some time,

Comfort My People.

They are drawn from Isaiah 40—those prophetic words from which the people of Israel drew their comfort knowing that, indeed, a Savior would come. It was to them, “a people in darkness”, [1]cf. Isa 9:2 that the Messiah would visit from on high.

Are we any different today? In fact, this generation is arguably in more darkness that any before it for the fact that we have already seen the Messiah.


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1. cf. Isa 9:2
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Halifax Advent Mission and More…

Advent Mission with Mark Mallett


Join Mark Mallett in

Halifax, Nova Scotia

for an Advent Mission on

Rediscovering Our First Love


December 1st — 3rd, 2014


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Important Changes



BROTHERS and sisters, things are beginning to move very fast in the world with events, one on top of the other… like the winds of a hurricane nearest the eye of the Storm. [1]cf. The Seven Seals of Revolution This is what the Lord showed me would happen several years ago. But who of us can prepare for these things outside of God’s grace?

As such, I have been inundated with emails, texts, phone calls…. and I can’t keep up. Furthermore, I sense the Lord is calling me to more prayer and listening. I feel I am not keeping up with what He wants me to say! Something has to give…


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An Exciting New Novel! — “The Tree”

Tree Book



I laughed, I cried, I was riveted to the very last word. But perhaps more than anything, I was astonished that such a young mind could conceive The Tree, a new novel by my 20-year-old daughter Denise…

Begun when she was thirteen, and now finished seven years later, The Tree has been stunning reviewers. I am more than excited to share what they’re saying about this new book that, set in a medieval period, is a journey through raw emotion, suffering, and mysticism. We are proud to announce today the release of The Tree!


NOW AVAILABLE! Order today!


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AS I mentioned recently, when you come between the Woman and the dragon, you’re entering a primordial battle!

A storm passed over today and a near lightning strike fried my computer (even though it was plugged into a powerbar)! Fortunately, it was backed up to a hard drive… unfortunately, the computer is damaged.

But it gives me an excuse to introduce (at my office manager’s behest) our new Donation page that makes it way easier for supporters to contribute to this ministry. Just click the button below, and donating on a monthly, annual, or one-time basis has been streamlined. We’ve heard your complaints, and hope you will appreciate the new design.

And suddenly, we need some extra help!


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The Now Word and New Law


ON July 1st, 2014, Canada’s new anti-spam law comes into effect. While The Now Word is a subscription based service only, we have to be certain that we are in compliance with Canada’s new laws. You are subscribed to one or both of Mark Mallett’s email lists:

Subscribers to The Now Word will receive occasional meditations from Mark as well as occasional emails promoting Mark’s music and/or books and other products. If you no longer consent to receive these emails, Click here to go to our unsubscribe page, or simply click the link at the bottom of this email.

Those subscribed also to Spiritual Food for Thought/EHTV will receive a separate email.

God bless you,
Mark Mallett


Contact: Nail It Records/Publishing.
Mark Mallett




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Receive Song for Karol Free!



Prepare for the canonization of John Paul II
on April 27th, Divine Mercy Sunday

Order Mark Mallett’s Divine Mercy Chaplet
set to JPII’s Stations of the Cross
and receive

a copy of Song For Karol,
the beloved hymn to the late Pope that Mark wrote on the day of the pontiff’s passing.

Only $14.99 for 2 CDs.
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Falling Short…



SINCE the launch of the daily Now Word Mass reflections, the readership to this blog has skyrocketed, adding 50-60 subscribers each week. I am now reaching tens of thousands each month with the Gospel, and several of them priests, who use this website as a homiletic resource.


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“Prepare you… as no other work I’ve read”



What’s in the book?

  • Understand how the Woman and dragon of Revelation appeared in the 16th century, beginning “the greatest historical confrontation” mankind has gone through.
  • Learn how the stars on Our Lady of Guadalupe’s tilma match the morning sky on December 12th, 1531 when she appeared to St. TheFinalConfrontationBook-1Juan Diego, and how they carry a “prophetic word” for our times.
  • Other miracles of the tilma that science cannot explain.
  • What the early Church Fathers have to say about the Antichrist and the so-called “era of peace”.
  • What the Fathers say about the timing  of the Antichrist.
  • Learn why the “day of the Lord” is not a 24 hour period, but symbolic of what Tradition refers to as the “thousand year” reign.
  • Learn how the “era of peace” is not the heresy of millenarianism.
  • How we are not coming to the end of the world, but the end of our era according to the popes and Fathers.
  • Read Mark’s powerful encounter with the Lord while singing the Sanctus, and how it launched this writing ministry.
  • Discover the hope that lies on the horizon after the coming judgment.


Buy two, get one book free!
Go to


Receive FREE SHIPPING on Mark’s music, book,
and family original art on all orders over $75.
See here for details.

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