The Rising Morning Star



MISSING from nearly all Protestant prophecy is what we Catholics call the “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.” That’s because Evangelical Christians almost universally omit the intrinsic role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in salvation history beyond Christ’s birth—something Scripture itself does not even do. Her role, designated from the very beginning of creation, is closely linked to that of the Church, and like the Church, is oriented entirely toward the glorification of Jesus in the Holy Trinity.

As you will read, the “Flame of Love” of her Immaculate Heart is the rising morning star that will have the dual purpose of crushing Satan and establishing the reign of Christ on earth, as it is in Heaven…



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The Four Ages of Grace

for April 2nd, 2014
Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

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IN yesterday’s first reading, when an angel took Ezekiel to the trickle of water that was flowing to the east, he measured four distances from the temple from where the small river began. With each measurement, the water became deeper and deeper until it could not be crossed. This is symbolic, one could say, of the “four ages of grace”… and we are on the threshold of the third.


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Your Questions on the Era



SOME questions and answers on the “era of peace,” from Vassula, to Fatima, to the Fathers.


Q. Didn’t the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith say that the “era of peace” is millenarianism when it posted its Notification on Vassula Ryden’s writings?

I have decided to answer this question here since some are using this Notification to draw flawed conclusions regarding the notion of an “era of peace.” The answer to this question is as interesting as it is convoluted.


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The Triumph – Part III



NOT only can we hope for the fulfillment of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, the Church has the power to hasten its coming by our prayers and actions. Instead of despairing, we need to be preparing.

What can we do? What can I do?



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The Triumph – Part II



I WANT to give a message of hope—tremendous hope. I continue to receive letters in which readers are despairing as they watch the continual decline and exponential decay of society around them. We hurt because the world is in a downward spiral into a darkness unparalleled in history. We feel pangs because it reminds us that this is not our home, but Heaven is. So listen again to Jesus:

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied. (Matthew 5:6)


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The Triumph



AS Pope Francis prepares to consecrate his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima on May 13th, 2013 through Cardinal José da Cruz Policarpo, Archbishop of Lisbon,1 it is timely to reflect on the Blessed Mother’s promise made there in 1917, what it means, and how it will unfold… something that seems more and more likely to be in our times. I believe his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, has shed some valuable light on what is coming upon the Church and the world in this regard…

In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world. —




  1. Correction: The consecration is to happen through the Cardinal, not the Pope in person himself at Fatima, as I mistakenly reported. []
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What If…?

What’s around the bend?



IN my letter to the Holy Father,1 I presented to His Holiness the theological foundations for an “era of peace” as opposed to the heresy of millenarianism. However, note again what the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stated regarding the possibility of a “new era of Christian life”:

The question is still open to free discussion, as the Holy See has not made any definitive pronouncement in this regard. —Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Il Segno del Soprannauturale, Udine, Italia, n. 30, p. 10, Ott. 1990; Fr. Martino Penasa presented this question of a “millenary reign” to Cardinal Ratzinger

Thus it is remotely possible that the Church, at any point in the future, may also state definitively that an “era of peace” is also contrary to the Faith. Until such a pronouncement is made, if ever, one can also ask, “What if—what if an “era of peace” is not part of the “end times”?




  1. cf. Dear Holy Father… He is Coming! []
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Dear Holy Father… He is Coming!



TO His Holiness, Pope Francis:


Dear Holy Father,

Throughout the pontificate of your predecessor, Blessed John Paul II, he continually invoked us, the youth of the Church, to become “morning watchmen at the dawn of the new millennium.”1

…watchmen who proclaim to the world a new dawn of hope, brotherhood and peace. —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Address to the Guanelli Youth Movement, April 20th, 2002,

From the Ukraine to Madrid, Peru to Canada, he beckoned us to become “protagonists of the new times”2 that lay directly ahead of the Church and the world:

Dear young people, it is up to you to be the watchmen of the morning who announce the coming of the sun who is the Risen Christ! —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Message of the Holy Father to the Youth of the World, XVII World Youth Day, n. 3; (cf. Is 21:11-12)



  1. POPE JOHN PAUL II, Novo Millennio Inuente, n.9; (cf. Is 21:11-12) []
  2. POPE JOHN PAUL II, Welcome Ceremony, International Airport of Madrid-Baraja, May 3rd, 2003; []
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Faustina, and the Day of the Lord




WHAT does the future hold? That’s a question nearly everyone is asking these days as they watch the unprecedented “signs of the times.” This is what Jesus said to St. Faustina:

Speak to the world about My mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice. —Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n. 848 

And again, He says to her:

You will prepare the world for My final coming. —Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n. 429

At first glance, it would appear that the message of Divine Mercy is preparing us for the imminent return of Jesus in glory and the end of the world. When asked if this is what St. Faustina’s words meant, Pope Benedict XVI answered:

If one took this statement in a chronological sense, as an injunction to get ready, as it were, immediately for the Second Coming, it would be false. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Light of the World, A Conversation with Peter Seewald, p. 180-181

The answer lies in understanding what is meant by “the day of justice,” or what is commonly referred to as “the Day of the Lord”…



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The End of This Age


WE are approaching, not the end of the world, but the end of this age. How, then, will this present era end?

Many of the popes have written in prayerful anticipation of a coming age when the Church will establish her spiritual reign to the ends of the earth. But it is clear from Scripture, the early Church Fathers, and the revelations given to St. Faustina and other holy mystics, that the world must first be purified of all wickedness, beginning with Satan himself.



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Creation Reborn


THE Great Culling is not the final word. The destruction of the greater part of the planet during the reign of Antichrist, save for those Coming Solitudes and Refuges under God’s protection, is not the final say on human affairs. Neither the New nor the Old Testament speak of the end of the world at that point or even the Final Return of Jesus in Glory. Rather, they speak of a divine renovation of the earth where true peace and justice will reign for a time as the “knowledge of the Lord” spreads from sea to sea.1

All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD; all the families of nations will bow low before him. (Ps 22:28)

The new era to come will be one of profound love and holiness that will subdue the nations.2 But what about the physical dimensions of that era, especially given that, according to Scripture, the earth will have undergone great convulsions and destruction?

Do we dare hope for a renewed planet?




  1. cf. Is 11:4-9; Jer 31:1-6; Ezek 36:10-11; Mic 4:1-7; Zech 9:10; Matt 24:14; Rev 20:4, etc. []
  2. cf. The Popes and the Dawning Era []
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How the Era was Lost



THE future hope of an “era of peace” based on the “thousand years” that follow the death of Antichrist, according to the the book of Revelation, may sound like a new concept to some readers. To others, it is considered a heresy. But it is neither. The fact is, the eschatological hope of a “period” of peace and justice, of a “Sabbath rest” for the Church before the end of time, does have its basis in Sacred Tradition. In reality, it has been somewhat buried in centuries of misinterpretation, unwarranted attacks, and speculative theology that continues to this day. In this writing, we look at the question of exactly how “the era was lost”—a bit of a soap opera in itself—and other questions such as whether it is literally a “thousand years,” whether Christ will be visibly present at that time, and what we can expect. Why is this important? Because it not only confirms a future hope that the Blessed Mother announced as imminent at Fatima, but of events that must take place at the end of this age that will change the world forever… events that appear to be on the very threshold of our times. 



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