St. Raphael's Little Healing

for Friday, June 5th, 2015
Memorial of St. Boniface, Bishop and Martyr

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St. Raphael, “Medicine of God”


IT was late dusk, and a blood moon was rising. I was entranced by its deep color as I wandered through the horses. I had just layed out their hay and they were quietly munching. The full moon, the fresh snow, the peaceful murmur of satisfied animals … it was a tranquil moment.

Until what felt like a bolt of lightning shot through my knee.

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Human Sexuality and Freedom – Part II




THERE is something else that must be said about the creation of man and woman that was determined “in the beginning.” And if we don’t understand this, if we don’t grasp this, then any discussion of morality, of right or wrong choices, of following God’s designs, risks casting the discussion of human sexuality into a sterile list of prohibitions. And this, I am certain, would only serve to deepen the divide between the Church’s beautiful and rich teachings on sexuality, and those who feel alienated by her.

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The Third Way

Loneliness by Hans Thoma (National Museum in Warsaw)


AS I sat down last night to finish writing Part II of this series on Human Sexuality and Freedom, the Holy Spirit put the brakes on. The grace was not there to continue. However, this morning as I resumed writing, an email came to me that put everything aside. It is a new documentary that summarizes the things I am writing you. While my series is not focused on homosexuality, but all forms of sexual expression, this short film is just too good not to share at this point.

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Human Sexuality and Freedom – Part I




There is a full-blown crisis today—a crisis in human sexuality. It follows in the wake of a generation that is almost entirely un-catechized on the truth, beauty, and goodness of our bodies and their God-designed functions. The following series of writings is a frank discussion on the subject that will cover questions regarding alternative forms of marriage, masturbation, sodomy, oral sex, etc. Because the world is discussing these issues everyday on radio, television and the internet. Does the Church have nothing to say on these matters? How do we respond? Indeed, she does—she has something beautiful to say.

“The truth will set you free,” Jesus said. Perhaps this is no more true than in matters of human sexuality. This series is recommended for mature readers…

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Will You Leave Them for Dead?

for Monday of the Ninth Week of Ordinary Time, June 1st, 2015
Memorial of St. Justin

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FEAR, brothers and sisters, is silencing the Church in many places and thus imprisoning truth. The cost of our trepidation can be counted in souls: men and women left to suffer and die in their sin. Do we even think in this way anymore, think of the spiritual health of one another? No, in many parishes we do not because we are more concerned with the status quo than quoting the state of our souls.

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On Gay Marriage





WHY? Why would the Catholic Church be against love?

That is the question many people ask when it comes to the Church’s prohibition against gay marriage. Two people want to get married because they love each other. Why not?

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The Spirit of Truth

Vatican Pope DovesDove released by Pope Francis attacked by a crow, January 27th, 2014; AP Photo


ALL over the world, hundreds of millions of Catholics gathered this past Pentecost Sunday and heard the Gospel proclaimed:

…when he comes, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth. (John 16:13)

Jesus did not say “Spirit of joy” or “Spirit of peace”; He did not promise the “Spirit of love” or “Spirit of power”—although the Holy Spirit is all those. Rather, Jesus used the title Spirit of Truth. Why? Because it is truth that sets us free; it is truth which, when embraced, lived out, and shared produces the fruit of joy, peace, and love. And truth carries a power all on its own.

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A Prayer for Courage

Come Holy Spirit by Lance Brown




THE recipe for fearlessness is a simple one: join hands with the Blessed Mother and pray and wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. It worked 2000 years ago; it has worked throughout the centuries, and it continues to work today because it is by God’s design that perfect love cast out all fear. What do I mean by this? God is love; Jesus is God; and He is perfect love. It is the work of the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother to form in us that Perfect Love once again.

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Belle, and Training for Courage



SHE’s my horse. She’s adorable. She tries so hard to please, to do the right thing… but Belle is scared of just about everything. Well, that makes two of us.

You see, almost thirty years ago, my only sister was killed in a car accident. From that day on, I began to be afraid of just about everything: afraid to lose those I love, afraid to fail, afraid that I wasn’t pleasing God, and the list goes on. Over the years, that underlying fear has continued to unfold in so many ways… afraid that I might lose my spouse, afraid my kids might be hurt, afraid that those close to me don’t love me, afraid of debt, afraid that I’m always making the wrong decisions… In my ministry, I’ve been afraid to lead others astray, afraid to fail the Lord, and yes, afraid too at times of the billowing black clouds quickly gathering over the world.

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The Paralyzed Soul


THERE are times when trials are so intense, temptations so fierce, emotions so embroiled, that recollection is very difficult. I want to pray, but my mind is spinning; I want to rest, but my body is reeling; I want to believe, but my soul is wrestling with a thousand doubts. Sometimes, these are moments of spiritual warfare—an attack by the enemy to discourage and drive the soul into sin and despair… but permitted nonetheless by God to allow the soul to see its weakness and constant need for Him, and thus draw nearer to the Source of its strength.

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